Official trade site not listing rare identified elder maps

It has been observed, that the official trade site is not listing identified rare, rare corrupted maps. Probably also magic maps. Unidentified maps are listed properly.

This issue occurs only in the "direct" search, bulk trade shows properly that I have 48 Elder Jungle Valleys for sale, but non of them are listed when i try to search "Elder Jungle Valley" in "Search Listed Items" tab. A corrupted "white" map is listed properly while being in the same tab. does not have this issue, all my maps are listed in the "direct" search.

After further investigation, it seems like superior elder maps are also not listed. There is no results for quality > 1 for Elder JV out of 101 maps, no results for quality > 1 UGS out of 1267 maps. Meanwhile, there is 541 results for quality > 1 for Maze of The Minotaur out of 3422 maps.

My assumption is that any name change for elder maps removes them from "direct" search. As if the code checks if the map name is exacly "Elder X", instead of checking if the name contains "Edler X" string.
Last bumped on Feb 4, 2019, 4:36:34 AM
They all seem listed here.

EDIT: If you're searching using the custom search box then it only matches items that start with your text. If you want to search for items containing your text then you'll want to put a star at the start and at the end ("*Elder Jungle Valley Map*").

Text-based searches are slower so it's always best to use the filters in "Map Filters" for fast and accurate results.
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Thank you, didn't know about the ** method. I guess the thread can be closed.

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