WTB Full Gear Set for uber elder

with the build i have atm cant do end game looking for full set.
Last bumped on Feb 10, 2019, 2:35:24 PM
still looking

I am selling my stuff. You will need the gems and jewels (but right now I am not using watcher eye or any reserved mana jewel and can do everything deathless)

The gear is for this build :


55 ex for all this stuff.
Hey man,

I am selling my CoC build Ice Nova / Frost Bolt. I got everything and uber wasn't that hard.

Hre is my profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Seyian/characters

It's the one called SwiftSeyian

Hit me up if you are interested.
no ty and CoC tried it, and for ranger set looking to get sgems and all so still looking
I have this jugg MS ES Howa build. POB puts it at like 2.5m shaper dps. Its super tanky and slow with map clear. 10.7k es. Have not tried uber elder yet but I dont see how it would be a problem. Comes with everything. The shield is worth a lot, im not sure how much you are looking to spend. But I am looking for 90ex.

There is an upgrade path, get a 15%/%int/%str coil(20ish ex), decent 12%int corrupted %as howa(15ex), the moonstone could be replaced with an opal ring(10-20ex), also get a %mana to es clarity + more dmg under wrath watchers eye(25ex).

Those will be pure dps upgrades. You can check out my jug in my profile I think.
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yea i dont have 90 ex have around 50 atm. sorry . any winter orb build maybe been told its good
If you are intested in winterorb check my elementalist. If you like we can figure out a price.

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