[3.5] Blade Flurry Impale Champion (All Bosses/League Starter)

Metalman, The Master of Metal

Hello exiles, this is a quick guide for my league starter in Betrayal softcore. With it I've defeated Uber Elder and Uber Atziri. I also defeated Shaper and his guardians using a Bringer of Rain. The core items used are cheap, but I've made some big upgrades along the way.

This is my first guide, so any feedback is appreciated. I haven't fully written everything because this might be too similar to other, better guides and I think the only thing that might make this different is the pure physical damage aspect.
I will simply delete the guide if people feel it's unneeded.
If there's any interest in the build, I'll expand on the info and include some videos of boss kills and mapping, path of building info and a full leveling guide with league starting tips.

Build Concept
This build focuses on the Champion node Master of Metal, most importantly the added physical damage for each impale on an enemy. This is why I chose bladeflurry, for fast stacking of this bonus. Brutality is used to maximize the impale damage, making us purely physical damage. For defense, I chose the Bloodseeker claw for instant leech while maintaining life regen. At this time the most expensive item for the build is the 6-link Loreweave.

-High single target damage
-Leech more than max life per second
-High mobility with whirling blades
-Pure physical, no problem with elemental reflect
-100% chance to hit from Conqueror/Worthy For
-Can do most content with a Bringer of Rain (I did up to shaper)

-Base defenses aren't high, so one-shots can happen
-cannot run phys reflect (sometimes possible with gem swap/pantheon)
-cannot run no leech (maybe with a mana flask)
-clear speed is lacking compared to some builds

Core Gear

The only item truly needed.

Great defensive item, 80 res and life are most important.

Used before getting a 6 link body (any body, not just Loreweave).

Can be used for huge dps boost, at defensive cost. I stopped using once my damage was enough for Uber Elder without it.

Last item I changed to, just to squeeze in arctic armour. Vulnerability is very powerful for this build.

My Gear
Please note that these gem links are not optimal, just my preference. I'll explain the choices below. The claw is legacy as well and probably not worth the cost.

Gear Explanation

Generally speaking we use evasion gear since it works well with acrobatics. Feel free to use armour gear and drop acrobatics if you like, I just prefer evasion/dodge chance. All rares should have high life and adequate resistances.


Use whatever high pDPS claw you can afford, and of course the bloodseeker. I'm still unsure of how powerful impale chance is for the rare claw. The scourge or wasp nest are decent option if you don't feel like getting a rare. You won't get the chaos damage from wasp nest but it still has high pDPS for how cheap they are.


Bringer of Rain is a great starter for maps, Abyssus is another strong option. The best choice is a rare helmet with high life and resistance with the 40% increased blade flurry enchant. The gull could be decent, but hard to get it with the enchant.

Body Armour

Loreweave is best if you can 6 link it, otherwise any 6 link chest will do. It can be hard to get the right colours on an evasion chest but there are ways to make it easier (vorici bench, crafting reduced attributes). You could even use jeweller method but it's far cheaper to buy a 6 link outright.


Spiked Gloves give 20% increased melee damage, so I prefer them over gloves with a lab enchant. Try to get attack speed and physical damage if possible. If you get lab enchanted gloves, reflection is best.


Movement speed is largely unnecessary since whirling blades will be quite fast. There are plenty of cheap boots with high life and res without movement speed. Best lab enchants are attack and cast speed on kill, regenerate when hit, and leech on kill.


Offensively, an amulet with crit multi, crit chance life and res is best.
Defensively, I use Impresence to free up mana for arctic armour, as well as the maddening presence buff to reduce enemy damage.


Diamond rings with some flat physical damage rolls are great. Try to get high life as usual. I haven't tested steel rings so I'm not sure if they would be worth the cost.


Stygian Vise with high life and res, there are some interesting mods through fossils and adding veiled mods with aisling bench craft. Try to get any of the many damage mods available.


For Abyss and regular jewels get high life, crit multi and Physical damage. You can also get some intelligence or resistance here if needed.


Lion's Roar is great, even if knocking back enemies can get annoying. Sulphur flask is a nice damage boost and the consecrated ground can help tanking. Diamond flask is a huge damage boost. Silver Flask gives onslaught, which helps blade flurry get to 6 stacks faster. For a life flask, I prefer a big heal over an instant heal, since we have a big life pool. Blood of the Karui has the added benefit of a full heal at the end, which is perfect against strong degens. Get curse immune, freeze immune, and bleed immune on your flasks, it's easy with beast crafting.

Gem Links

6 Link

Blade Flurry+Brutality+Damage on Full Life+Maim+Melee Physical Damage
-Last gem can swap Increased AoE, Increased Critical Damage or Concentrated Effect. I use Critical Damage since the smaller AoE doesn't bother me. Make sure you have enough regen to maintain full life with Blood rage on, otherwise you can also use Inc Critical Strikes.

You may prefer Vaal Reave for mapping, but I felt it was hard to leech through high damage encounters (like syndicate) in high maps. It's fine for low maps.
Vaal Reave+Multistrike+Brutality+Damage on Full Life+Melee Physical Damage+Inc Aoe/Conc Effect/Inc Crit Damage

If you are using Bringer of Rain then use Blade Flurry+Brutality+Maim+Damage on Full Life, or Vaal Reave+Multistrike+Brutality+Damage on Full Life

4 links

Vaal Double Strike+Brutality+Bloodlust+Damage on Full Life
-Can use Culling Strike here for fourth link. Bloodlust will only work if you bleed the enemy first, which you get from Vulnerability curse.

Other Links

These can go wherever you need, depending on the colours of your gear.

Ancestral Protector+Ancestral Warchief+Multiple Totems
-Lets you have both totem buffs at once, very powerful. Don't use Vaal Warchief as you'll need the souls for other skills.


Fortify+Whirling Blades
-most people would want blood magic and/or faster attacks on their whirling blades but it hardly bothers me to not have them. If you feel you need it, you can drop Vaal Lightning trap/the golem.

Immortal Call+Cast when Damage Taken
-Feel free to squeeze in Increased Duration if you prefer it over other skills.

Herald of Purity, Blood rage and Dread banner are unlinked so fit them in somewhere.

Arctic Armour is only if you have Impresence. You can try other auras if you prefer, but you'll have a smaller mana pool.

Vaal lightning trap can be very effective and I used it for a long time. You can link Greater Multiple Projectiles with it if you have room. I use a Lightning Golem for now instead.

Passive Tree and Bandits

Choose Alira.

This is my passive tree at level 93.
Some people would prefer First to Strike, Last to Fall over Unstoppable Hero. Adrenaline is definitely powerful, but I am lazy so prefer the fortify bonuses.

Soul of Solaris and Soul of Ryslatha, both fully upgraded.
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Thanks for build ! I am going for it

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