Bring back official races.

I wanted to have a long thought out post but then I typed the Title and realized that's it. Really. I can get more complex but that would be nonsense.

How many people feel likewise?

~~If someone from GGG happens to actually read this, please is there any plans regarding races?
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I second this.
Just re-installed the game because I wanted to do some races.

Nope. Guess races aren't a thing anymore. Honestly it was the best part of this game.

I agree, please bring racing back i miss it sooo much 12 min bursts were a great adrenaline rush
Could GGG at least comment on this instead of ignoring it all together?

Even a "Hey we decided it would be easier to make the game into the modern version it needs to be if we just focused on leagues involving intended permanent content and major balance work / game overhauls. We have decided to not have races until a later date that currently is remaining un-announced"

GGG, I love you, So, I won't judge you if you just copy and paste my own paragraph back at me. I'll take it as your words.
Just don't ignore the race communities sweet sweet dedicated lovin'.

The recent Leagues are great examples of your brilliant capable staff and the hardwork they put in, however you clearly could use a little more time before some of the launches to sort out issues that I hope, really really hope, your in house Testers caught/reported. ~~ I mean, tons of effort into some recent league content to get mediocre/ CONFUSED reactions can't feel good, I surely hope no one is over at GGG celebrating how badly they confused the player base with this most recent take on crafting..

I would suggest running 1 month of races 1 month Before new leagues.
Organize with streamers, a good amount, not just bigger ones and run some twitch promotions to get a free MTX.
You already have the 3D assets for this stuff.
Do a Banner, 5 or so Variations, Let the streamers pick Banner color and their Logo to put on it. After the season take the top 5 streamers and give their banners extra variants or something.

It would fun;
It would build community;
It would inspire healthy competition strengthening the PoE twitch community;
It would potentially draw new players through viewership;
If popular it gives GGG an extra hype window that re-occurs regularly giving marketing opportunities.
My goal here isn't to make a list so I won't go on.

You already had the infrastructure to run the races so what happened to stop it all so suddenly?

Any reason would help me to not feel like a useless part of your player base/community.

EDIT: GGG I'm not very happy at my current job, do you need someone to oversee Race Seasons etc? I'm your guy, 0 exp in game development but we all know that just means you'll get to enjoy watching me level up 20+ times in the first hour! @me and I'll send you my resume.
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This! I suck at racing but it was still fun as hell!
+ 1

Please bring back the old style races... Flashback just kills league when its run parallel. On top of that, only people who don't work for a living have any chance at competing in flashback. If the old style races were too much work/investment then try and find a way that cuts down costs. It was so much fun and one of the main reasons why this was my favorite game and supported it throughout the years. I was extremely disappointing when I found out they weren't doing races seasons anymore.
well, this post needs about 500 post to be noticed i presume.
This. Do this. Now.

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