LeToucan's BSC free boss killing / achievement service

Fast and easy double Challenge, thanks
Thanks for the Mastermind completion! 10/10, would go again. Ez chieves, ez game~
Mastermind completion nice and easy. Thanks again.
Easy double challenge, perfect service
Great for Mastermind challenges, got me to 36!
Completed Mastermind II. Fast and safe.
Fantastic carry! Completed Mastermind I and II (all 5 at once!). Easy to work with, explained exactly what to do.

Plus, a major bonus vouch... I was in a Mastermind carry earlier with him, and something happened to the instance where we didn't get the challenge. He immediately refunded everyone's Ex. Nice to have someone be that honest!
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Quick and friendly , killed Shaper for me, can recommend!

Will keep in touch with this guy for more challenges later :)

edit: Contacted this person again to do Uber Elder, all went good :)
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A+ service, and pretty dang good with communication. Explained it to everyone and got a quick Mastermind II full completion.

10/10 would hire again, and this comes from a lazy Open beta supporter.
Full Mastermind II completion, just got my 36. The process is as advertised so if you pay up you're guaranteed the challenge!
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