Avatar of Fire Wording... it doesn't mean Damaged Received right?

Sorry new to the game. When I first read "Avatar of Fire" it says:

"50% of Physical, Cold and Lightning Damage Converted to Fire Damage"
"Deal no Non-Fire Damage"

I assumed this was a defensive passive. For people who don't do damage, like AuraBots. Meaning it would take 50% of Damage (received) and convert to fire damage. Which you could then stack up on Fire Resist to be better defensively. And for this extra defence, you sacrifice all but ur Fire Damage.

The wording is similar to something like "Mind over Matter" which says:
"30% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life"

Again, it says only "Damage" in the same sense of "Avatar of Fire" but MoM specifically means "Damaged (Received)".
I then read up more on AoF, and it seems like everyone is using it offensively, getting 100% offensive damage converted to fire, and doing double boosts on multiple elements.

So sorry for the silly question, but just wanted to make sure, I understand "Avatar of Fire" definitely means offensive damage. But just wanted to make sure it does not mean, "50% of ... (all defensive&offensive) Damage Converted to Fire Damage"? I do see a lot of high level AuraBots on poe.ninja builds getting it... if it's not defensive, why would they want it? They do no damage, why they want it converted?


EDIT: just adding a link, someone like this who is clearly 100% aura bot gets Avatar of Fire. He has only auras, and 1 attack skill being "Smite". Why get it? It is actually gotten by 14% of all these "Aura Only" non-damage AuraBots. Maybe it does convert damage received as well?
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probably because they have a specific setup and/or want to EE fire (or only EE 1 element). They grant anger as well but 2 +50% vs 1 -25% still a net positive i guess especially since there is double lightning (wrath and smite)

maybe they chomp regret orbs when they part with another char idk

And yeah when the text says "% of ___ Damage converted to ___ Damage" it definitely is meant offensively.

The "% of ___ Damage from Hits taken as ___ Damage" is probably the defensive thing you're thinking about.
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Ah, I see, yes almost all of them take Avatar of Fire with Elemental Equilibrium. They must just run with a Cold/Lighting Carry. And if they run with a Fire Carry, the just don't hit the monster (no smite/fortify auras though) or they take a Regret Orb.

And I guess since their Anger/Wrath/Hatred in their Generosity Armor, it doesn't affect EE. But they could take whatever one they wanted out depending on the carry to work with EE (if no AoF).

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