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Hello, I started playing the game yesterday and, to learn, I got a build called 'Epic Berserker'. I'm normally following the build in the passive tree. However, there is a 'jewelery slot' that I don't know what it is about.

I couldn't put the image of the jewel that is added in the build, but it is called 'Blight Joy Cobalt Jewel'. I don't know how I find this jewel, I don't know in which map I can get it ...

If anyone can help me with this, or guide me to some link already on the forum that talks about it, thank you.

Also, I don't know if I should bargain or question those people who appear on the map wanting to get away. I don't understand how the investigation works, can anybody help?

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Sorry, I fixed it.
Thanks, exile ;)

- Jewel sockets: you unlock them and then you can add a jewel in it, allowing for a more personalized tree and enhancing certain skills and abilities.


Cobalt jewels are the blue colored ones (see above), the name is randomly generated. The name doesn't matter, the stats are what's important. If you wish to closely follow the guide, find a jewel with similar mods. These jewels can drop from monsters and some given by NPCs. Else, buy them from a player (ex:

For more information, please check the Wiki.

- Syndicate: just choose the option that better suit you. There's no "single path" to follow. Anyway, the general aim is the gain intelligence (fill the yellow bar) to access the safehouses, which in turn will give out intelligence for the Mastermind (the boss). Meanwhile, try maximizing the people that give out the best - for you - rewards.

Some nice guides:
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Thanks for the help and the guides! Just one more question: how do I know which of the people I question has more chance of giving items?
Sorry, I don't quite understand your question. What people? Do you mean other players or syndicate members?
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Use this list of people to see what rewards they give :)

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