Blood aqueduct card.


I want to ask if GGG lowered the drop rate of humility card?
I Started at lvl 64, am at lvl 74, got 2 cards....
Last bumped on Jan 18, 2019, 4:19:56 PM
Just bad luck.
Nop, merely RNG not in your favor. Sometimes it's just better to buy it, though I too grinded mine.
If you can wear 'increased quantity' gear
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Just bad luck I'm afraid. I got a handful earlier when doing some syndicates there. Still lack 1-2 for Tabula, but don't need it now anyway. If you only lack a few, it's better to buy them. Or just buy a Tabula for that matter. Probably not very expensive now.
Im playing SSF, moved to trade league to start over, (dont ask me why). Now im farming for tabula got 4/9 cards now. from lvl 64/75 xD

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