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Hello there! I am a level 42 Fire Elementalist (Witch). I have but 1.6k health ish compared to just about that number in DPS. I have a ridiculously powerful fireball. You might call me stupid for only desiring to play in the Hardcore league and on that note I fear my health is nowhere near enough to fully fight in Act 4. I just entered Kaom's dream and essentially almost got effed in the butt by some things called Saplings. About that time I finally looked at my life total a bit closer. Level 42 with but 1.6k health. How much should someone like me truly have?
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In general aim to have at least 300 hp per act, perhaps closer to 350-400 for HC (it isn't easy feat for witch though). In your case, the number itself isn't too bad. I have a feeling your resistances are low, specially fire. Do you have them capped? Also, what about your other defenses such as evasion?
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My Evasion is roughly 50% and all resistances are 27% or higher. Fire is actually at 43%.
That's your main problem: low resistances. Kaom's place is heavily fire damage focused. Ideally you should have 75% elemental resistance (capped)... or more, considering curses and the resistance penalty you will soon face in act 6. It may not sound like much, but it has a huge impact in survivability.

I suggest finding gear with resistances, aside from life. Or use flasks in the meantime (at least when fighting Kaom). Purity auras can also help until you get better equipment.
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I do have a Ruby Flask but I suppose that does not seem like enough. Crap. I have a really high Mana regen so I have no mana flask and I replaced it with a Stibnite.
Took a closer look and it does not help that both rings and my boots do not have any Fire resist attached. Just cold. Also, need new boots. Totally forgot about that. -_-
Bloodrian wrote:
My Evasion is roughly 50% and all resistances are 27% or higher. Fire is actually at 43%.

Elemental resistances are low. You should try to cap them (or get them over 60% at least).
Having 75 res 1000 life is equal to having 50 res 2000 life or 0 res 4000 life.

I wouldn´t recommend playing on HC for the first time bcos you can´t get practice on HC (once you die you´re moved to standard league so you can try things there eventually)
You need very good game knowledge to play on HC.
If you want you can make your character public for more useful investigation and help.
Afaik Resistance are flat % damage reduce
So there is no way you can say % resistance equals 1000 Life or something.

It depends on how much damage the mobs do.
If a mob does 1000 damage then 75% res is worth 750extra Life compared to 0 res
If a mob did 10.000 damage it was worth 7500 extra Life compared to 0 res
So yes res are important.
However res become more important the more damage enemies do.

Kaoms Dream has some pretty insane fire damage totems for that difficulty.
However you are quite overleveld.
Act4 is Level 37 Area and you are level 42 allready ;)
well i guess better save than sorry .

Your Question of how much Life you should have is pretty impossible to answer.
It depends on a lot of things.

A witch can do fine with a lot less life than a melee fighter.
High ranged damage chars need less Life.

I just leveld a LancingSteel Deadeye and after Kitava kill i bought some items for 40c (6link chest was 21c rest are pretty cheap 2-4c items)
and can actually do okay on alched T7 maps with only 3300life....

Have done maps with 3 Exiles in 1 spot aswell as 2 Bosses and had absolutely no Problems.

So overall 400hp per Act is the suggestion but it depends a lot on
Evasion , Playstyle , Damage , ranged or melee.

However when you are new to the game i see zero Chance for you surviving Act10 Kitava on HC.

In my opionion you absolutely have to know Kitavas attacks and timings
to kill it deathless

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