Game Crash Frequently

I've already count like 10 lost lab this season (not counting the t16 roll back lost). Just today i lost 2 labs in a roll, open all boxes click to enchant and *crash*.
Its really uncomfortable play the game like this, with no clue if i'll got my profit or not, no clue if i'll have fun or just crash and lost all my progress.
Please fix this thing. I feel really bad playing a such good game like this!

Last bumped on Jan 12, 2019, 4:29:13 PM
Same here
it's getting beyond a joke now.
Same here, before the last patch, i did not crash since the leagues started, after the patch hit, bam, game went to shit.
PoE frequently freezes my PC since the Patch two days ago (have to restart). I hadn't had any crashes before. First I thought it was my GPU or SSD, but I have been running stress tests and benchmarks for the last 12 hours and never had my PC freeze or crash. PoE kept crashing even while just idling on the Login-Screen and once even while starting via Steam.

Windows and PoE-Logs don't show anything, temperatures are fine, I updated my drivers and even reinstalled the Game...I'm running some more Benchmarks now but the patch seems to be cause for the system freezes...
my PoE crashes constantly now, since today by loading a new area (not other ppl's ho, it crashes when i start a new blood aqueduct instance)

must have sth to do with latest patch coz i have never had such shutdowns in the past

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