completely deleted my incursion

first got lucky and had a level 3 sacrifice chamber and apep's surrender and a vial of awakening spent a few hrs last night setting it up went to bed. went to do temple this morning and the load screen timed out logged back in and my whole temple was gone 11 new incursions.

1. What time this happened
(9:00 am MST)
2. Gateway / Location (
Colorado, USA)
3. Error messages when failing to teleport, or load into a zone.
(timed out)
4. Are you crashing to the Xbox Dashboard, or disconnecting back to the login screen.
(load screen)
5. If you can reproduce the 100% of the time a video clip would be handy.
( i hope not)
6. Are you using a cabled connection, or WiFi.
(cat 7)
7. What model Xbox are you using?
(Xbox one x)
8. Your gamer-tag (a private message is fine for this if you are uncomfortable posting this publicly.)

Last bumped on Jan 11, 2019, 1:08:09 PM
Sounds like an instance crash to me. Unfortunately you are SOL in these matters. There is no way for GGG to recover this for one individual account.

Had this happen many times over various leagues, including on shaper and guardian maps (30c each). Even if you get back into the game and it shows portals, they will DC you every time since they are not connected to any instance.
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Yeah, I figured , i just want to make sure to report it.

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