Left trigger lock-on please


right now the left trigger on xbox one makes you stay in 1 spot, which can be convenient at times.. but mostly not since it can also create a lagspike and rubberband your character when used wrong with high movement speeds! (even when on a 200mbps connection)

but if the left trigger would make you lock-on to a specific enemy you aimed your character at while still being able to move freely, it would make every battle feel so much smoother and it would almost feel the same as if you were playing on a pc and pointing out the direction (with a cursor) you want your skills to fly at.

plus it gives us console players the ability to kite monsters efficiently when needed.

this is 1 thing diablo 3 did right on the port to xbox..

please GGG take a look at this, because you can do so much better!

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I swear I am not stalking you, since this is the 3rd post today I have found you in, lol.

If I am understanding right, you want it to act like the D3 LT to lock on but not lock you down? If so, it would be nice but there will need to be some skill reworks / adjustments. Take leap slam for instance, it auto locks onto a mob unless you hold LT to go max distance. This would need swapped around which is something I have been asking for forever.

But the an the same time you have say totem skills. If you want to place them in a specific spot on console you have to hold LT + you totem button and move the cursor around. There would be no other way to do this once LT is changed.
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haha couldn't care less if you were lol :P

i've seen your name in a few posts too..

but yes, you understand correctly.

i never knew about the totems though since i have never
played a totem build before..

well.. maybe ballistas when leveling through the acts but
never used the LT to precisely place down totems/ballistas.

i would normally just run in a circle and smash the totem-placement button in the direction i wanted my ballistas to go.

but i guess that's not the case for totembuild users.

my quick sollution would be an option in the start menu:

#1 lock character in place.
#2 free move / lock-on enemy

and maybe have leap slam go max distance unless you lock-on to a enemy?
not sure if that would be the best way to do it...
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