The stink of porting from PC - Flaws

In this thread I would like to address the flaws of Xbox version, that are because of the not-so-much perfect porting from PC.

1. Buff icons are not informative

Obviously on PC you can just hoover your cursor on the debuff/buff on your interface, and learn what it means. As of now on Xbox, you can't do this. This is very frustrating thing when new content is released, and you don't know what are the negative effects that are present on you.

One example: I still do not know what is the Atzoatl shiny buff on me.

2. Tiny's trial in syndicate hideout

It is very uninitiative to do this "challange". At the very least, we would need more time to craft.


I will use this thread to post more of these little flaws, you can do this aswell ofcourse, or discuss these problems.
Last bumped on Jan 9, 2019, 6:51:43 AM

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