Premium stash tab won't let me choose custom currency tags

Prior to 3.5 I was able to set custom currency as buyouts so that the exact rate would show up on poe.currency along with the stock number. This is not possible anymore since the 3.5 patch.

For example: when I put "1 apprentice-sextant" as a buyout for my 1 chaos, it just defaults back to alteration when I hit enter. When I did this before the patch it wouldn't display the currency icon in-game but it showed the text and it showed up flawlessly on the trade site.

This is extremely frustrating considering I paid a lot of money for my premium tabs and not being able to use them properly kind of defeats the purpose of having them...
Last bumped on Jan 7, 2019, 6:08:49 AM
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Same with me. Today i upgrade 1 stash to pre and same bug. Dont show currency icon in that stash

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