Lag spikes and DC unplayable

I can't do delve because of the lags and darkness would always kill me. The weirdest thing is I can afk in town and hideout without getting disconnects, but when I enter other maps, it will randomly disconnect me. It has been killing my desire to play for the past few weeks.

This WinMTR data is from TX gateway

This one is from CA gateway

I mainly use TX one since CA one is very unstable.

Aside from occasion lag spikes, I didn't have any constant disconnects before Betrayal league.
Last bumped on Jan 10, 2019, 7:40:20 PM
I have done my part to post information. Can the staff come out tell me what is going on? This is extremely frustrating.
The Texas capture shows latency spikes introduced between your PC and your router. The CA capture shows the same latency spikes and severe packet loss being introduced.

I would recommend power-cycling your router and checking that the connection between your PC and the router is good.

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