Can't use molten stike without xbox making weird noise and crashing to dashboard


Thanks for your report. We're looking into this internally and will try to have it fixed ASAP.
That's the best news ive heard this month! thank you very much for the response Jeff_GGG appreciate it greatly. Hope you and the rest of GGG had a great holiday sir.
Ancestral call with molten strike makes my game freeze and crash with naughty sound, but build like Ngahamu Cyclone and Incinerate/Cast when channeling/Magma orb with Pledge of Hands do the same, in Betrayal and Standard League, especially with fights like fortification syndicate, breach or packs of mobs with lot of SFX attacks.

This game dont allow us to play funky-fast-sfx visual build...
This happens to me every time I use Dying Sun or enter an abyss. The only thing that can kill my Molten Strike JUGG at level 93 is my xbox crashing....I am too OP?

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