Hello Jeff,

Any update on how things are going on the back end, lots of post with crashing.

Thanks in Advance,

A Believer

Happy New Year.
Last bumped on Jan 6, 2019, 6:57:01 PM
GGG, silence speaks a lot for the company.
DEK, jeff's on vaca … give em a week and im sure we will hear back soon, these mfkrz are rich now, their vacas last 3 weeks and it is the biggest holiday season, im sure that's why we have had so much silence, their just spending time wih family and their children, which is respectable, and im sure you think so as well... patience grasshopper, something big is coming ;) trust me I have inside info
I hope so, but drop a line and let us know that and than enjoy your vaca.
They mentioned in the last patch notes that they'd be off till the new years and would be running on a skeleton crew till then so ya probably no patch till then :( it sucks because the games very unstable atm but you have to respect them getting in that family time, they work pretty hard im sure and deserve it.

My apologies for the delayed response, I've only just returned into office this morning from holidays. We've begun working on our next patch internally, which will address as much as we possibly can.

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