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Finding items on xbox is absolute garbage. Highlight "maximum life" and you get maximum mana and life on kill items showing up. No way to set minimums for stats. Items not highlighted don't disappear.

Please add better filters for the market board, or a search on this website like the one for PC so we can actually find items with the stats we need instead of spending hours sifting through garbage.

At least give us some pseudocode to use like "maximum+life" and "10-20+Cold+Resist" to highlight specific stats and min-max ranges. That can't be too difficult to do.

Oh, and then there's the crashing when you leave the trade board after an extended period of time. Crashed 4 times last night.
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"mum life" with quotes only filters maximum life for me, but you must use the quotes.
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Finding items on xbox is absolute garbage.


pop-up window search form

[type of item] >> [required lvl.] >> [ no/ma/ra/un ] >> [ no/sh/el ]

[implicits] >> [corrupt or not?] >> #1 [determined by item type]
----------------(corrupted)-- >> #2 [determined by item type]

[prefix#1] >> [tiers x-1]
[prefix#2] >> [tiers x-1]
[prefix#3] >> [tiers x-1]

[suffix#1] >> [tiers x-1]
[suffix#2] >> [tiers x-1]
[suffix#3] >> [tiers x-1]

affixes determined by item type.

[required lvl.] going up by 5 levels each time.
[0-5]-[6-10]-[11-15]-[16-20]-[21-25]....[96-100] you get the point.

options menu >> slider for size of the window (up to full screen)

this would be the best, easiest and fastest way to do it!
with probably the best overview you could possibly give to the players.


if i could put my supportive money on xbox towards something specific..

it woulds be this hands down!!!

everyone please upvote this, i know you want this too!
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