Not Showing Online in trade correctly

This started last league, my premium stash tabs are set on public but if i don't constantly hit the show as online control button my items wont even show up in the trade at all, despite having been in my public tabs for over a week.

Kinda frustrating the only trade requests i really get seem to be people waiting for me to post certain items, such as unqiue rings since they are searching in live mode which my items oddly will show correctly when that happens, but if no one is looking for the items i post i don't get any messages at all even for common uniques that most people will buy (and i generally undersell just to get it out of my stash).

Once i hit the the control show online button i finally will start getting whispers again for my items, but there has to be a better way for me to trade. This is the second league in row where i've had to do this. All my premium tabs are set to public. I was under the impression that automatically showed you as online having those set?

Last bumped on May 13, 2019, 4:59:49 PM
Bump, now it's really messed up and nothing shows up at all anymore. I've been using a workaround with acquisition to automatically refresh my online status and my items will post correctly, however now none of my items will show at all for this flashback event. Been dealing with this issue since inquisition so would like a fix at this point lol
Do you happen to have your status here set to "Appear Offline"?
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Yeah it actually was set to "Appear Offline", not sure how that got set considering I've always used instead of that trade site. That seems to have fixed the issue, thank you so much!

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