Core Supporter Aesthetics Opinion (Pitfighter/Crucible are the best)

CRITICALLY IMPORTANT: As I said, this is just my opinion; so I hope no one bashes me

1. Core Support Packs are leagues better than the last packs we had.

2. I am a huge fan of dark themes, however, that does not mean every dark looking thing is an insta buy. From my perspective, there are 4 dark themes and 1 light theme. Pitfighter and Crucible look top class to me, and the difference in aesthetics to the rest cannot even be compared. Pitfighter is just right for warrior aesthetics and Crucible is just right for mage aesthetics. Assassin is a close 2nd in terms of look and would look just right for archer or assassin builds.

3. Since aesthetics are subjective to everyone, 0 complaints here about the tier of pricing.

However, my general judgement of design is Vanguard < Empyrean < Assassin < Pitfighter/Crucible

I am only truly dissappointed by Vanguard. The color scheme itself is fine. It's just the actual design for 160 looks very offputting to me personally.

4. Why would I get any of the other 3 supporter packs or are interested in them at all? The apparition. It easily makes them worth the purchase. I am only sad by the fact that they are on a time cycle. Would easily give up some screen space to have them be permanent additions to the screen.

The apparition for vanguard looks better then the actual armor set itself. I think empyrean look a bit above average at best. How would I rank the apparitions?

Crucible > Empyrean > Pitfighter > Assassin > Vanguard

5. Besides Pitfighter and Crucible, I feel like the overall value of the other 3 packages drops by at least 50% since the apparitions appear on time cycles, while you're idle and not while you're active. It's why I can justify Pitfighter and Crucible and that's it.

I can only hope my suggestion to add toggle for apparitions is implemented!

If you've read this far, feel free to give your opinion if you so desire. I enjoy seeing other point of views on art.
Last bumped on Jan 11, 2019, 3:09:44 PM
i would really like to see GGG give us the option to use apparition effects as hideout decorations.

because right now they seem like overpriced useless visual effects that only create extra visual clutter.

i would like to display them as gods/deities in my hideout!

i guess i'm fine with how all the core supporter packs looks..

except for the assassin one, that one just seems a bit dull for an assassin look.
especially with the alternate helmet tilted backwards, looks really dumb.
far from intimidating.. almost like the character has no neck muscles to hold the damn helmet up :S

but yeah..


with 2 variations
#1 inconstant
#2 constant
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