[Synthesis SC] Boss Kill Service

Currently (14. March)
- Gear finally tweaked to my full service is available :)

==== Process ====
- You pay after successful service
- Your set/map + your loot - I don't require any tip or share from expensive drop :)
- In case of my failure - I will pay for set/map with deep apology
- Follow my instruction and everything will be OK :)

==== Price list ====
Note: If you are really in trouble with currency, we can make better deal for you - just be honest about it.

> Uber - 45c
> Red - 20c (Shaper will survive - guaranteed)
> Yellow/White - 10c

Shaper - 20c

> Elder guardians - 5c per guardian
> Shaper guardians - 5c per guardian (!)Cannot do no-leech + phys reflect(!)

> Uber - 35c
> Normal - 5c

League specific & Others
Pale Councils - 15c

==== Some pictures ===
> Uber Elder - "lucky"deathless (6th day in league)

> Shaper - deathless (4th day in league)

3.5 Betrayal league stuff

==== Some videos ====
> Uber Elder - full fight (deathless)

> Uber Elder - finishing off fight, which Client already started (deathless)

> Mastermind - ilvl 83 - done with a few challenges during fight (deathless)

> Mastermind - ilvl 83 - 4/5 challenges, "nearly" all done. 1 death unfortunately

> Red Elder - Shaper survived. Pretty consistent fight (deathless)

> Shaper - how this fight usually go (deathless)

==== Some pictures ====
Shaper done on 70lvl with "poor" gear

Uber Elder

Uber Atziri with some lucky drop :)

Mastermind Catarina i83

- Will add more, just forgot to make fresh ones :)

==== Notes ====
I'm from EU-Czech (available in afternoon/evening CET time)
Account: Krkoa
Character: MiraTheMelee
- Pure Phys Claw/Bloodseeker Champion build around Impale stacking

Please leave a comment if you will be satisfied with my service. Thank you!

I would like to thank all my clients (plenty of them are now my friend) who trusted me. Thanks to you I can help to more players in case of need!
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Last bumped on Mar 18, 2019, 7:13:30 PM
Hey carried a a full set of red guards/ red elder for me :)
Went well.
Last edited by Daemaniac on Dec 21, 2018, 7:45:44 AM
Thanks for doing the Pale Council for me, very fast and professional. Would recommend! :edit also ran uber lab, very fast, absolute pro :)
Last edited by DarksteelCollosus on Dec 22, 2018, 10:56:39 AM
Smooth red elder carry for me.
The dude crashed initially on a last portal to my map, we decided to run another map + elder, compensated half the map cost plus made a discount on elder kill
Fast and Trustworthy 100% would ask for service again =D

Know the mechanics of the Mastermind Catarina. Pice is worthy. Trustworthy and kind. Thank you.
Uber elder completed. Trustworthy and kind. Thank you!
Awesome service, amazing build
Fast - reliable - deathless - kind
Would recommend :)
great service

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