The Queen's Hunger's veiled mods...

So I got one of these via trade since I didn't kill the league's boss yet.

Knowing from rare items - these mods are like crafting mods and hence changeable. However, placing the armour in the crafting bench did not yield the possibility to change the veiled mods. Everything was "greyed-out" except one option: "remove crafted mods".

So in anticipation of being able to choose the mods anew, I spent that one orb of scouring and removed the veiled mods. The result was a Queen's Hunger without any veiled mods - priod :D. Even dropping a divine orb did not restore the two missing features.

So first of all I wanted to ask: Does that armour drop with the veiled mods allready chosen for you, or are you able to customize them one first time?

And second, If it is really not intended to change the mods since this is a unique item, then why are you able to remove them altogether? Shouldn't the option "remove crafted mods" be "greyed out" as well?
Last bumped on Jan 19, 2019, 2:46:46 PM
You need to buy it veiled, in stead of buying a version that already has a mod.

see here:

I agree with you, since it has variable mods that are player chosen, it would be nice to allow players to change the chosen mod.
You say Prison Cell, I hear 'Holiday'.
Thanks for the clarification!

Fortunately it was only a 5link that I bought.

I mean, I kow what happens if I toss an orb of scouring onto a unique item manually. Now I know what happens when I do it via the rafting bench.

I mean, I kow what happens if I toss an orb of scouring onto a unique item manually.

Nothing. Nothing happens. You can't scour a unique.
I just had the same thing happen to me. Scouring the veiled mods should allow the player to remod, OR don't allow the crafting bench scour to remove crafts.

This is a terrible gaming experience to remove your mods and not get anything from it.

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