Cannot access act 10

i died in the battle with the depraved trinity, the final one, on the black heart, but then my minions killed the boss, then i saw the itens droped, but had to respawn, i respawned on the checkpoint, i was were i killed the boss, but the itens werent there anymore, and i couldnt get out because there is no portal there, so i killed myself on some red balls that were there and respawned in town, after going back there(very long journey by the way) i had to talk to lilly, but she is not there, also if i reenter the room i have to log out to leave, and i cant complete the mission.
what can i do?

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nevermind, i restarted the game, then i could do it all over againg, but then it worker, but after all wasnt a good expirience
I once had a similar problem with this quest. I was killed and the boss died a second later, respawned by Sin then rushed back but could not progress the quest. Had to force a new instance and redo the entire thing again. Then, it continued as normal.

A friend also suffer this issue in which he died a couple seconds before I killed the boss. I was moved to Lily, his quest broke and had to redo.

Edit: Good to know you solved it... yeah, it's unpleasant.
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You didn’t have to do it over again. The next waypoint activates upon killing an act boss. As long as you were present (ie didn’t hit resurrect and leave before the boss died), you could just use the waypoint to continue.
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