Map device crash. Tier 16 harbinger 4x sextant + shaper influence.

tried to join map 6 times with friend. when we click on portal : the character stays in hidetout, the portal disapear , and we get kicked to log in screen.

that's a scam :D . harbinger : 6 chaos. 4 sextant : 10 chaos .

map : 25 chaos.

fix this
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Last bumped on Dec 6, 2018, 6:59:56 PM
Same happened to me 2 times so far.

1st was a T16 elder graveyard and now a TUL breach, all portals disconnect me.

After using all portals and being disconnected 6 times, I put in another map and it opens with no issues.

Please fix this, only happening after last update.
Thanks for the reports, we'll check it out!
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