winter orb/whispering ice

I have played this game forever yet am terrible at builds. Anyone see winter orb/whispering ice CI being a viable endgame build?
Last bumped on Dec 6, 2018, 6:41:32 PM
We just don't know whats going to work atm. I am going to follow Pohx's plan.
He said he might use a different frost attack for single target. Unless the spell is gimp I'd expect our aoe clear should be fine with WO only. Iv never used whispering ice. How is its single target damage?
Im gonna try whispering with WO too, i dont have a pob yet tho
Good day Guys,

You can check

It is an old post, but getting pretty active now Winter Orb is out.

It is not a Witch however, but a scion.

Have a great day .
Giant99 wrote:
Iv never used whispering ice. How is its single target damage?
about 45k-70k per crystals and you can stack up to several cast on top of each others. It is very good. Look for Kelvynn channel

The less you stand still, the less cast you make and that is where the dmg get hindered a lot. It might sound like nothing if you played fast spells like Arc, but when you consider the duration of Icestorm it just matter a lot more. 2.80 cast per second, duration can go in the 3-4 seconds. Realisticaly you should get more than 7-9 stacks on a target and that count for a lot!

While Winter Orb promote moving and whispering ice promote standing still, I still believe a 6l whispering ice will make it more useful during maps as you will most likely be able to use Winter Orb remaining time to clear more packs before standing still again. A nice clear speed tool that will surely help at least during mapping experience.

Problems with Winter Orb/Icestorm:
Winter Orb will be epic with extra projectile meaning Dying sun triple is damage.
Ice storm is BAD with dying sun because it increase a lot more the icestorm RADIUS vs Ice Shard radius. This give you a bigger hitbox with less hits on bosses.
Winter Orb benefit from everything Projectile related and those do nothing on Icestorm.

Im still on the fence about how useful it will be for bossing and cant help but wonder if Scorching ray/cold to fire/Avatar of fire convert might still be better for bossing due to extra pen from scorching ray and ease of combustion with Orb of storm vs frost bomb.

All in all, I think Winter Orb will end up being played during the map as a 6 link faster clear tool and a swap staff for bossing will be used with scorching ray instead for higher damage output.

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