(Draft) Hybrid Arc Elementalist: Featuring Call of the Brotherhood


Elementalist: Shock Scaling, Elemental Proliferation, Elemental Penetration.
The Elementalist is a well-rounded class whose asendency contributes to map-clearing, scaling single target damage as well as making up for important socket requirements. The downside to this class is it's lack for charge generation with a small downside of needing to focus on applying elemental ailments with tree nodes. The major downside of this class is it's almost main focus on Area of Effect and Golems, which unless built around, leads to severe node devaluation.

Build focus revolves around using Elementalal Proliferation to spread shock and freeze for both offensive and defensive purposes. Itemization will focus on synergizing with shock, shock effect, as well as lightning and cold damage.

An extra support socket is freed due to innate Lightning and Cold Penetration. Most likely replaced with Hypothermia.

Hybrid Focus with massive life pool to benefit from Presence of Chayula

Mana Focused for Damage Mitigation Auras swapped with Wrath when defensive needs are met.
Mana Sustain reached with Mind of the Council, synergizing with Shock. The one drawback to having our mana sustain linked to our shock consitency is the appearance of map modifiers that give monsters a chance to avoid elemental ailments. For this reason, we dedicate a flask slot to Laviagna's Spirit as our mana flask.

Basic Energy Shield recovery method bolstered by generic faster start and increased recovery rate from tree and gear.

Leech is focused for life pool, accompanied by near-capped Chaos resistance. Presence of Chayula will offer 60%. 90% of chaos resistance will need to be filled from rares.

Open Rare slots: Gloves, Boots (without MS),

Method of Movement will be leap slam. Attack speed will be scaled with dual attack speed / cast speed jewels and nodes with possible dual wield.

Aura Caluclation

Auras: Discipline, Arctic Armor, Herald of Lightning and Ice.
Total 110%
Goal: 92%

Base Formula: 35% + 25% + 25% + 25%
Ascendency: 35% + 25% + (25% + 25%)(1-0.25) = 97.5%

Gear Arguments

Bated Brethe vs. Crystal Belt with life and Chaos Res
Inpulsa vs. 500+ Energy Shield Armour with Life and Chaos Res
300+ ES Shield or Dual Wield
Atziri's Step vs Rare Boots

Damage Scaling

Elemental Overload
Double Dipping Elemental Damage
Shock Effect Scaling

Defensive Layers

CWDT Arc (minimum to freeze)
Elemental Flasks with Flask Effect Nodes
Purity Auras

Unique Items

Presence of Chayula
Mind of the Council
Call of the Brotherhood
Doryani's Catalyst
Lavianga's Spirit
Rathpithe Globe (Maybe)

Speculation: Demon Stitcher. Hybrid item with the condition that leech is connected to life. Allows for ES sustain.

Questions to answer in build guide.
How do you use your Mana?
How do you reach Mana Sustain?
What's your main form of damage mitigation?
Beyond Damage Mitigation, how do you prevent enemies from damaging you in the first place?

Stat Checks
How do you reach the DPS required for each map threshold? (20k to 80k)
White Maps / Maelstrom of Chaos
Yellow Maps / Poorjoys
Red Maps / Vaal Temple
T16 maps / Shaper's Realm

How do you reach the sustainable single-target DPS required for end-game bossing? (50k - 250k sustainably buffed on one target)

Shaper Guardians
Uber Atziri
Uber Elder

How are you reaching an appopriate amount of EHP for end-game mapping (4k to 11k)
What is your method of moving at top speeds? (+150% MS)

How much reduced reserved mana is required to run your auras and how do you achieve the total?

How are you sustaining Life and Energy Shield?
How are you dealing with Elemental Ailments, Bleed and Poison?
How are you dealing with Reflect?

Gif ideas

Basic interaction with mobs to demenstrate clear speed as well as Life and Energy Shield recovery. (Take a few hits, cast one spell, wait for ES to recharge)
Further mobs interaction to show clear speed and resource susutain (Leap slam to a few packs over 10 seconds)
Presentation of defensive mechanics as well as survivability (Stand still and allow CWDT to proc over 10 seconds) This should go well beyond the normal expectation of an immortal call set-up
Single-target Damage and Mana Sustain (short clip of bossing, possibly taking a hit, deal damage over 10 seconds.)

Explored but not finalized build focuses

Evasion from tree, scaling with inpulsa and mind of the council. Evasion achieved with Life, ES and Evasion nodes between ranger and shadow class with a possible Grace aura instead of Discipline.

Possible reiteration for a trickster that benefits from charge generation and a focus on map clear with a lack of single target damage, therefore unfocused for boss kills. Surpreme Evasion and ES numbers, no focus on dodge.

Pictures to add
Ascendency Nodes
Defensive and Offensive numbers

Sections to add
Tree focus and explanation
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