[3.4] Epic Build | Harnessing science! | Potentially infinite DPS

A little known fact about Path of Exile is that the characters use thaumaturgy grounded in science to accomplish the things they do. Now, if the universe has a set of scientific rules, then it has a set of physical rules, and we can derive that things such as gravity exist in this space. So as we all know:

E^2=(m*c^2)^2 + (pc)^2 Therefore:
(M^2)*(c^4) = (m^2)*(c^4) + (p^2)*(c^2) =>
M = m/((1−(v^2/c^2)))^0.5 Therefore:
as v -> c, M -> infinity

t`=T*(1-((2G*M)/(r*c^2))^0.5) Therefore:
as M -> infinity t` -> 0

t'is the proper time between events A and B
T is the coordinate time between events A and B
G is the gravitational constant
M is the mass of the object
r is the radial coordinate of the observer
c is the speed of light
a is acceleration of the object
m is the resting mass of the object
E is energy
p is the momentum of the object and,
v is the velocity of the object

I think most people can see where this is going.

One of the easiest ways to increase your Energy, and in turn, mass, is to increase your rotational velocity. So this build harnesses all that Path of Exile has to offer for rotational objects and rotational velocity relative to your character, thus increasing its mass, making time relative to mobs approach 0; giving infinite survivability, and infinite dps.

I have prepared a short video demonstrating this build in action. Note: it took 3 days to record, almost a week to render and edit together the over 70 hours of footage into a digestible 1:30 video.

I will release details of the build with discretion as I understand the manipulation of space time may be somewhat taxing on Path of Exile's servers.
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thanks, i hate it
Cyclone Summoner variant. Can't wait to see the rest!

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