Unified Hideouts FAQ

Thanks for the FAQ. :)
Now we just need to be able to use the mtx hideout decorations an unlimited amount of times instead of one time. It would be awesome to make a cathedral with the new hideouts but having to spend 60 points on each window is a bit to much imo.
you know that's never gonna happen... Game is F2P if you want to make a nice sick looking hideout using MTX Decorations u gonna pay :)

It's how they make their $
How exactly do we save an Hideout? Through Options > UI or something or?

please explain, I wanna save my standard HO before starting Betrayal so I can make a new one there without fear of them overriding eachother out :S as I don't wanna lose the best HO i ever made :D
Is the gain of favour really shitty since 3.5 ?

How do I gain favour "fast", you cant farm it right?

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