[3.4] Soul Strike/Wicked Ward HoA Occultist - tank shaper slam

I made this build as I wanted to clear the late content in the game. I've been playing hardcore since beta but never killed shaper or even his guardians. I usually die somewhere early red maps while not paying attention or doing too hard mods. This week I had a lot of free time off uni and thus I decided to do play softcore in order to clear the bosses within my reach.

- All content viable
- Extremely forgiving to play thanks to recharge and ES on hit.
- Immortal call duration longer than recharge delay
- Decent damage
- No uniques truly required, feasible SSF/league starter
- The scorpion is silly at times

Key mechanics

Wicked ward & Soul Strike
This combination in addition to immortal call with duration longer than our recharge delay allows us to be incredible tanky vs physical damage. All the guardians can be facetanked except Phoenix. Darkscorn's 25% of Physical damage taken as Chaos also helps tremendously with facetanking.

Generating Herald of Agony stacks
Ball lightning is the spell that hits the most per cast and is thus a natural choice for generating stacks. Our chance to poison comes from Herald of agony (20%), Poison support (60%) and passives (20%). This allows us to sustain 40 charges against single target while free casting.

In order to avoid investing in mana, I use CWC with lightning tendrils. The channeled spell doesn't matter that much but I think tendrils and ball lightning fit well together thematically.


Before I got these I used
with Temporal Chains.

Required gear

Hypnotic Eye Jewel with added chaos to spells. Enables our Ball Lightning to poison.

I decided to go bow to be able to use this quiver as I love having fast recharge delay. If I was in SSF, I'd probably go 1h+shield for more ES instead.

Leo faster start of ES recharge enchant on both rings

Luxury gear

+Minion gem level and minion damage support are to prefer. I crafted this one myself using fossils, unfortunately it isn't optimal due to minion life increasing mana reservation.

Watcher's Eye
+(20-30) ES on hit while affected by Discipline. True quality of life, makes tanking things much easier.


Herald of Agony - Damage on full life - Added fire - Pierce - Minion Damage
Ball Lightning - Poison - GMP - Cast While Channeling - Lightning Tendrils
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased duration - Efficacy
CWDT - Ball Lightning - GMP - Poison - Slower Projectiles | This one is just me goofing around
Flame Dash - faster casting | Discipline

My character
Passive tree
Last bumped on Dec 2, 2018, 11:47:55 PM
is this hardcore viable you think?

also did you level as CI from the start? if not do you have a leveling tree?

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