Won't frozen monsters shatter when killed by damage over time?

The specific scenario is, I'm trying to shatter monsters with the cold snap skill to trigger HoI.
Monsters killed by the initial hit do shatter, when it's a critical one or the freeze chance is successful (I suppose) (As expected), but when they get frozen but aren't killed by the initial hit, and eventually die due to the damage over time of the chilled ground of the skill, they don't seem to shatter, not playing the shatter animation nor triggering HoI either.
So apparently, and actual hit is needed for frozen monsters to shatter on death. Is this the case?
Last bumped on Nov 10, 2018, 8:27:00 AM
Actually doesn't say even on the wiki. It just says:

Non-unique enemies that are killed while frozen shatter into pieces

Maybe a hit is indeed needed to trigger the shatter. If this is the case the wiki needs to be updated to better explain it.
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