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I got whispered a few times for items - and the whisperer tried to haggle in Russian or Portuguese (which I don't speak). When I asked for English, the only reply I got was "no english" :( :( :(

I wrote this app primarily to practice programming, and also to solve the problem that you can't copy whispers from the PoE Client into Google Translate.

It works simply by reading whispers from the Client.txt log file. It does not modify the game client, memory or network in any way. Under the hood I'm using the Google Translate API to detect the language and to provide translations.


- Automatically translates incoming whispers that are not in your preferred language into the language you set

- Saves path to Client.txt (where the whispers can be found) and your preferred language (so you don't have to set it each time you start the app)

- Allows you to reply in your language and copy the translated reply into the clipboard to paste it back to the game

Known Issues

- Browsers/Windows considers the setup.exe as harmful - as Browsers/Windows don't know me as certified code owner/publisher - see the video what to do about it (I hope to add a code signing certificate soon)

- Auto update doesn't work :(

Frequently Asked Questions

Does using this app break the Terms and Conditions of Path of Exile?
No. The app only periodically reads from the Client.txt file in the logs folder and checks for incoming whispers. The whispers are then processed entirely within this app. No modifications are made to the Path of Exile client, its data in memory, or to the network calls between the Path of Exile client and servers.

Why is the translation so strange sometimes?
The app doesn't translate the text itself, it uses Google Translate to automatically detect the input language and to translate your reply. The quality of the translation is just as you would expect from Google Translate. Google Translate can sometimes not get the context right and is not aware of in-game terminology.

The app doesn't work/crashes
Please create an issue with a description of the bug/crash on https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/issues - I will try to fix it for the next updates.

This app looks bad/works quirky/the code s**ks
This is a hobby project which helps me learning how to program. I know it's not perfect - if you have a suggestion, please create an issue on https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/issues or if you are a programmer yourself and want to contribute, consider opening a Pull Request.
### r4wb1rd ###
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/r4wb1rd
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/r4wb1rdGaming/
Babel PoE: https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/releases
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v0.1.5 has been released.

You can grab it here

- Increased contrast between font and background
- Added the default Client.txt path for steam users to the help tooltip on first start
- Fixed a bug where each app start would create a new random user uuid, which made it impossible for me to tell how many people are using the app. Now the uuid is created on first app launch and re-used for all future app starts and whisper/reply events
### r4wb1rd ###
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/r4wb1rd
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/r4wb1rdGaming/
Babel PoE: https://github.com/rowolff/babel-poe/releases

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