Need build advise

I know, I know, you are tired because of topics like this. But POE is all about builds. So I need any build advise.

Current build: In POB you can see more or less true Shaper DPS (without shock and intimidate, for example).

Yes, it is Standard. Two-hander. Non-meta skills. But is it end-game viable? How much I can theoretically achive with it?

General build gameplay. I clean maps with Starforge in first slot and Heavy strike with Ancestral call+Melee splash. It is not super fast, but when you oneshot packs - it is enough for me. For bosses - I swap to Starforge in 2nd slot for pure single-target setup (Heavy strike+Vaal DS+Ancestral warchief). You can see Bloodlust in that setup. For bleed I use Leap slam/Vaal double strike/Ancestral warchief. And because of legacy Voidheart ring, all of that skills have 100% bleed chance. You can say, that Bloodlust is a bit clunky to use, but I don't know any other gem, which has Bloodlust more% stats. Ofc, we can use Brutality instead, but Brutality has more or less the same numbers as Bloodlust, and we can't use Sin's Rebirth+Atziri's Promise with Brutality.

As for passives, you can see some armour nodes (and gems). I am not sure about them, but it seems with them I am much tankier during mapping even with Abyssus, than, for example, "Scion-molten-strike-Kaom's heart-8000hp" build. Maybe it is because my playstyle, dunno.

As for gear, I use free aspect of the cat with Farrul's Fur armour, Atziri's Acuity for some leech and two curses. I miss Heavy strike helmet enchant, but I think, I can grab it sooner or later. Legacy Atziri's gloves are BIS for build, imo, but sadly I will never have that gloves. Price is insane for me and, obviously, anyone will not give them to me for free or with discount.

My questions:

Any advise for gearing/passive tree/gems in general?

Enfeeble or some other curse (maybe Assasin's mark)?

Farrul's chase boots - worthy or not? I am not sure about rare boots.

Legacy Voidheart - worthy or not?

Thank you!
Last bumped on Nov 9, 2018, 9:47:31 AM
Voidstranger wrote:
But is it end-game viable? How much I can theoretically achive with it?

Hey there,

your build should be strong enough to kill all bosses in the game as it is.
Knowing the fights will go a long way obviously and more dps would help bursting down bosses faster, but its already good enough to kill Shaper comfortably.

Means you could min/max, if you wanted, but you dont have to.

If I was you, Id change nothing if you enjoy the build as it is and just go for endgame content. If you are inexperienced when it comes to endgame bosses like Shaper, get ready to rekt until you know the fight well enough.
Thats really all it takes, other than that your build should be fine.

Ok, thank you!

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