Flat Life and Life % view/summary possible?

Loving the amazing work put into POE from the last time I played.

Is it possible to show (like via a tooltip?) The quantity of flat Life and the % Life additions? Any place where this can be viewed? Googling takes this question into totally unrelated areas lol.

I might be confusing this with similar games from this genre (D3, GD etc)
Physical Crit Ranger. Skills (SA, EA, IS Totem, Bear Trap) > 450 Dex
Notable Gear: Lioneye's Glare, Daresso's Defiance, Rat's Nest, Maligaro's Virtuosity, Sin Trek Stealth Boots,
Carnage Heart Onyx Amulet, Lavianga's Spirit
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Check this out:

Best tool so far to plan and analyze characters

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