Returning player need some help on the new Skill tree

Hi all, Ive been away from the game for the past 4 years. Just bought a new pc for gaming and thinking to start over again.

Anyway, long story short.

I need some suggestion on how to use "current" gears and skill points for my Lv84 Scion. Ive away for too long and not sure how to use the new skill tree...

The gear I have is mainly for Totem with Lighting (Arc)...and trying find some nice gears while mapping. The main attack gear is lost in the stash...40 stash...Ive tried my best to guess which may useful to the build but I really need some suggestion.

--Current Gear--

--weapon 2--

--maybe useful--

Thank you for your time
Selling Crit Bow ilvl 68-75 (Mostly White)
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