Few questions about Private League

Just a copy and paste from Reddit post I made:

Q1: How does invitation work? Is there way to automatically invite people via forms or similar system? Is there way to charge contribution in points when invited? Is there way to auto extend player limit if invitation accepted exceeds player limit?

This is very important matter, as building a private league as community event can cost a large sum of points, and if there is automatic system that works as “entrance fee,” it could simply be solved with as little as 10 points per person (20 days event with at least 78+ people).

Q2: How are the “contributed” points handled? As for “crowdfunding,” is there goal point, and once the goal is met, everyone invited can participate? Or is there way to set minimum contribution? If the points can exceed the goal, can points be stored and used as reward for specific individual players (ex. Rank 1 solo delve) of host’s choice?

I think this “contribution” points can be utilized very interestingly, in terms of community run events. Along with entrance fee and automatic system that could be in place to increase limit of players, if points are stored and can be used as reward, there are no specific needs for host to come up with prizes for players to strive for. Just have extra points that are gather during the process of creating and running private league be the rewards to be distributed for those, for example rank 1-3 solo delve players. It would promote people to seek the league that are more populated, if private league system becomes very popular. Also it would have to have very transparent system where everyone can see how much points were gathered and spent how.

Q3: is there private server specific record of ladder system in place at the start of the launch?

I think it is very important to be able to track progresses of individual players in private league, if this is meant for community host events, for everyone to be able to track the progressions of others. Community deciding who actually won the race because there is no way tracking the progression would cause a lot of drama.

Those are simple things I came up with while thinking about starting a private league. I think if those things are not solved correctly, it would have to be big name streamers host the events, and there would not be any regular folks like myself that can grab enough people.

Just some questions.
Last bumped on Nov 7, 2018, 9:26:33 PM
We'll answer questions like this in our news post when Private Leagues go live.
Bex_GGG wrote:
We'll answer questions like this in our news post when Private Leagues go live.

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