Ranger, Deadeye, full crit lighning arrow, Need help


My original build was with windripper but when i saw that it was about 1 ex i was fast to switch it. I need some criticism on this build i want it cheap but good, this build is around 120k - 140k dps, anyone knows how i can get it to 200k with a budget of 40c thxxx

BTW: is 120k - 140k dps enough to take on higgher tier maps like 10??

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Your build has much bigger issues than dps.

Your lifepool is way too low and your res arent even capped.
Both issues only exist because you are basically only using unique items without res or life rolls on them.

Thats a really common beginner mistake. Do not fall for unique items.
In most scenarios a well rolled rare item with life and res will be way better and uniques should only be used, if they are enabling a mechanic your build relies on and cant get access to otherwise.
If thats not the case, drop those unique items. All of them.

Also you need to stack way more %life nodes on the tree. Aim for about 180% total, 160% as a bare minimum even for rangers. If you were playing a melee build, you´d need even more.

Your current build is set to fail because of the mentioned issues no matter how high your dps might be. You´ll die to everything all the time and you wont get any xp to progress further.

Im sorry but your build wont work
Why did you disregard so many life nodes? Why not Herbalism or Heart of Oak? You only have 1415 hp (22%) with very low resists. You need to up that asap. You also have several unnecessary +10 dex nodes.

what Orbaal said
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yes, 100k dps is enough to fast clear T10 maps

but when you are dead, your dps is zero. You are probably not going to reach even lvl 80 with your current Life and elemental resistances

The HP you have is appropriate for act 5. You should have at least 3k Life now, 4k at lvl 80 and aiming for at least 5k at level 90. Resistances have to be capped (except chaos res which you can leave untouched)
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Reworked your tree just as a reference:

Didnt touch the gear or ascendancy choices, but I did swap some gems around and added auras for more dps.

Your res are still absolute trash and need to be capped at 75% asap but at least your lifepool would be acceptable at your current level, although 166% still is on the lower end.
You could try to allocate some jewel nodes on the tree and get jewels with either %life or flat life rolls on them to bolster your lifepool a little more.

Good luck and feel free to ask :)
Thx a lot i appreciate it

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