Can't I just play the game without copying brain-afk builds?

I only just started playing a little over 3 months ago and bricked quite a few characters. The problem I find with the attitude of "learn from your mistakes" in this game is it isn't entirely clear what the mistakes are at first.

Soooo, I finally succumbed to copying builds and I would try to put my own spin on them at first and managed to brick quite a few copied builds as well - but, I started to understand the mechanics better and understand important points in the guides I was overlooking.

Now the training wheels are off and I understand quite a bit more about what makes a build viable, however, I still learn things every day. Honestly I learned the most from following guides and the more detailed the guide, the more I learned as I often overlooked or misunderstood some small detail and rereading the guide I would find out what I missed.

The reason I actually love this game is exactly because it is possible to fail at designing your build AND that even veterans learn things and make comments on these forums when someone comes up with a new and interesting viable build.
I argued this point many times, and all you get is "git gud" responses - learn what works and what doesn't.

Fact is, the Skill Tree is utterly messed up with to many "useless" skills that will brick your character. Tons of gems that do nothing to advance your character (regardless of build).

But you'll consistently get the "die hards" who insist that you have to learn EVERY nuance of the game. A PROPERLY designed and balanced game doesn't have those issues - but no one wants to admit or address it.
Path of exile is a complex game , at the end game , but most of it is knowing what fight you are walking into .

I think there is nothing wrong with following a build guide when you are just starting out , with the plan to learn mechanics and dangerous mods , once learnt and confident , THEN start making your own builds .

simply rules .

Take life .
Cap resists .
Build around 1 or 2 skills .
Have a plan for single target and clear .
Have a plan for what defences you can take .

these are just basics as you can see its getting a little complex all on its own .

So once again , there is nothing wrong with following a couple of guides so you can get to the mapping system , and see what you are dealing with ,

Then move forward with your own ideas .

Also , watch some youtube or some streamers , get ideas , influences , then create .

Most players have thier profile public where you can go look at gear and skill trees , have a look , see if you can learn from that as well
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