Can't I just play the game without copying brain-afk builds?

I've noticed you can do ANYTHING you want... until kitava:0
What are your goals?
level 100, good luck even with a guide.
I followed 4 guides and am having a blast.
I think I finally know enough to make something that can get to T10 maps.
It all depends on what you want out of your gameplay.
This is not really a game you figure out, unless you commit 100 hours to failing. I think experience goes a looong way here.
I failed terribly with my shadow trapper, like 5 main skills, channeling and low damage.
All depends on what's fun for you... good luck
GrunkleBob wrote:
I think experience goes a looong way here.

100% correct, which is why a failed build isnt a waste of time as long as you do learn and more importantly - apply this earned knowledge to your next attempt progressing further in the game.

At some point you´ll hit the wall again, but also learned more about the game, allowing to get further ahead with your next attempt until you learn how to trivialize the game - if thats your goal.
Based on your advice, I have the following plan now:

I will make a spellcaster Templar and try out as many spell gems as possible to find out what gem I like the most. If the build fails, I will find out where I made mistakes.

When the new league starts I will make a new class and based on my experiences I will either follow a guide or find my own way again.

2 years ago (or so), I played Marauder and also didn't follow a guide. I could kill everything and stopped playing at level 63. I guess the game is just very easy until u hit like level 80 or something like that?

Magezi wrote:

2 years ago (or so), I played Marauder and also didn't follow a guide. I could kill everything and stopped playing at level 63. I guess the game is just very easy until u hit like level 80 or something like that?

63 isn't even at the end of the story (or merciless act 4 back then) most people don't even have builds for that level, they tend to get going at maps which is around 70 - 90 range.

Most level with whatever their chosen speed leveling tool is until then, early league sunder or arc traps etc just whatever gets the story outa the way the fastest without requiring too much deviation from your actual build.
if you love these kind of games at all, do what you wanna do. use guide or dont..ists going to be fun anyway.
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The advice I would give is what I basically did. Pick a style of build (spell, melee, bow, etc). Look at builds, specifically the passive tree, that are generally for that style (like projectile spells, 2-hander melee, minion, etc). Look for similarities and differences, especially paying attention to build defining differences (such as avatar of fire, crit or resolute technique, etc). Pick a tree that stands out to you and modify it to your liking if needed. A lot of builds start off similarly so if you decide you don’t like a skill, hopefully you won’t have to make many changes to the tree. After a while you probably won’t even have to have a preset tree, you can just improvise as you go.
I never copy builds either, but I look at them to help give me ideas. You can see a list of all the available skills here Just pick a skill and go for it. Theory crafting is mostly what the game is about. You should at least plot out a theoretical build in the skill tree from the website here If you don't like doing it, you might not like this game. Path of Exile is more of a thinking game, it's about building up your character, less about action.

As far as attack speed or physical damage, they scale differently with each skill and depending on your gear and tree. For example I am doing a bleed build so attack speed isn't real important for me. But if I decide to learn Crimson Dance on the skill tree, then attack speed becomes very important because you need it to build up stacks. You can read about the mechanics of it in path of exile Wiki.

Is it important to have the perfect build? Depends how far you want to get, if you want to beat the game and get past Shaper and Elder, then yes it is important.

How should a beginner approach the game? There's youtube's for beginners Just try a build, have fun.
Shaper Guide:
Even if you were to copy a build, it's hardly "brain-afk".

You can totally just play and figure it out as you go. Bricking a build is more an issue depending on your currency - its cost prohibitive to constantly respec portions of your tree. Depending on a character's level and acquired currency, it can make sense to spend regrets instead of starting from scratch.

I used guides occasionally to gain insights into aspects I normally wouldn't have noticed, like utilizing controlled destruction in a crit spell based build despite it seeming counter-intuitive.

But regardless, the big thing is your dedications to learn, as 3 leagues in I still find myself learning something new.
Synthesis - A league so painful it turned me into a standard player.
Magezi wrote:
@insilopeh that's exactly what I think. I don't want to copy builds without learning the games mechanics. However, it is really hard to make an own build because you don't know which stats you need and I don't even know which skills exist to begin with lol

I have spent hours and hours and hours making spreadsheets and reading mechanics pages on the wiki to min/max and understand item and skill interactions... I do however think it's awesome making something slightly novelty and having it just work. You easily forget the prior 5 failed chars up to that point :)

I am however not stubborn and arrogant enough to not look at other builds for ideas in terms of items and pathing on the tree. It is inspiration i guess :)
is experimenting and failing and learning through that not a thing anymore ?

learn, build, look at what you do wrong or non optimal, learn the game, fix or make slightly more optimal decisions where your build is thin.

think about hobbies or jobs you've had, when you started them with zero clue and how you gained knowledge and applied it

Im not sure why gaming has to be any different

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