Scarab Demon cosplay (diablo 2) <--- this fucker

Concept- mobs hit my character, cast when damage taken triggers multiple times, all mobs are dead. CWDT triggers sparks. Also jewel which chages sparks to be fired in a nova.

1)How many cast when damage taken+ sparks can i stack upon my character?

2)Will high armor reduce speed at which they proc?

3)Should i stay at base level of CWDT?

4) What class will be most optimal? Thinking about jug or gladiator. If armor reduces speed of procs- maybe occultist with CI and zealots oath.
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1) The way I understand it, you can only stack one. You should use other spells as well to compensate for the lack of dps. If you want to stay close to the same ideal, you could use Ball Lightning in a Sire of Shards and Arc + Shock Nova elsewhere if you want to stick with pure lightning spells.

2) Yes. Technically, anyway. CwDT is based on the damage you actually take, which means after all mitigation. It might still be useful to mitigate damage for higher content that triggers your CwDT setups anyway. Nevertheless, your main focus for defence should be recovery, since you plan on taking a lot of damage. If you use Mind over Matter, you can directly recover some of the damage you take as mana with certain items.

3) Probably not the base level, but not the top one either.

4) You should probably also base this on recovery.

Check out existing CwDT builds for more info.

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