leech and wild strike.


i would like to know if life leech from physical damage (ex from hematophagy) work with wild stike.

with wild strike you do 0 physical damage, so no leech?

^^ thx
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Right. You deal no physical damage, so physical leech won't work. Try the Vitality Void cluster near Hematophagy. That works with elemental damage.
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thx a lot
does Elemental eliquibrium give -50% res on all you re strike?

Elemental Equilibrium modifies the resistance based on the types of elemental damage of the last hit that dealt elemental damage, and each hit will overwrite previous debuffs. It raises the resistance for each type that was part of the hit and lowers resistance for the others.

This means that as long as you don't have other sources of elemental damage, you have a ~67% chance for the resistance to be lowered by 50% and a ~33% chance for the resistance to be raised by 25%. It's a considerable bonus overall (25% average against enemies with 0% resistance, 41.67% against 40%).

However, this means you can't use any other form of conversion. Out of curiosity, I've done the math for Voidforge just now and you would end up with an average of 8.33% more damage than without EE against enemies with 0% resistance, and that's only for large sample sizes; before that, there's RNG. It's 13.89% for enemies with 40% resistance, both assuming no other source of penetration.

If you use Shroud of the Lightless and / or Elemental Weakness or other forms of lowering / penetrating elemental resistances while using Wild Strike and Voidforge, picking EE isn't worth it.

I know I prattled on a bit about detailed scenarios without you having asked about them in particular, but the topic did interest me so I thought I might as well write down all my results.
thx for the answer ^^

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