Maps drop rate?!? (i.e. how I'm supposed to level up)

Well, you're playing Hardcore. I don't know what you expected. The fucking thing must be a desert. I mean, if softcore feels kinda lonely.. and also expensive in currency and maps...
I think u get city biodomes at that depth u are playing, no? Have you tried to do those to look for lost charts? If voltaxic sulphite is the problem, you can farm that without a map in The quarry (act 9); the sulphite is always near the waypoint.
Maybe grind harder? Chaos recipes so when you get some red maps, you run them with Harbinger mod (for map returns) or Beyond (for xp). Sextant mods that give "additional monster" or enhance magic pack size % or maybe even an "extra Abyss" or "extra breach"..
All i can suggest unless your going to rely on delving for maps is to shape something like toxic sewer and underground sea uncomplete all other t10 and t11 and t12 and chain ugs. i levelled to 100 in mainly t11 ugs and its ok. your still going to have to spend currency sustaining even at that tier.
Lubetobe wrote:
without buying many maps

Hello... we are speaking about HC! Also again what about SSF?

Oh, are you? Are you speaking for all HC players too?

I have 6 #1 Demi's from HC the last two events. I did better than 118 map completion on each of these events (1 month versus 3 months). There are maps to buy on HC too, maybe you just don't want to buy them. The one league I wasted time playing HC, I did 135 maps. Please get good before complaining and displaying your ignorance.

No one cares about the QoL for SSF players. They are choosing to have bad QoL.
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