ggg does not pay attention to me

Tras varios dias y varios post y correos por mi problema de congelamientos y crashing no he obtenido respuesta por parte de nadie de ggg..llevo mas de 10k horas en el game y he comprado varios de sus mtx despues de este trato que me estan dando me pregunto si merecio la pena todo esto..llevo varios dias sin poder jugar mas de 10 minutos seguidos por este problema el cual ES SU PROBLEMA,NO ES PROBLEMA DE MI CONEXION NI DE MI COMPUTADORA ya que he comprobado todo mas de 1 millon de veces despues de todo esto yo no puedo hacer nada mas solo dejar de jugar este juego.

After several days and several post and post because of my problem of freezing and crashing I have not received an answer from anyone from Ggg ... I have more than 10k hours in the game and I have bought several of their mtx after this deal they are giving me I wonder if it was worth all this .. I spent several days without being able to play more than 10 minutes in a row for this problem which IS YOUR PROBLEM, IT IS NOT A PROBLEM OF MY CONNECTION OR MY COMPUTER since I have checked all more than 1 million of Sometimes after all this I can not do anything else just stop playing this game.
Last bumped on Oct 12, 2018, 2:34:51 PM
BOSI99 wrote:

I would believe that IF there was a load of other people unable to play, but tens of thousands are managing it just fine.
Then there is you, that can't.

Everyone else = OK

You - not OK

problem = you
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if you want help from us, you need to start posting logs and diags from your pc when you have the problem.
Also we need a detailed description of your problem.

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