Lost Tombfist out of nothing.

So..I'm playing the game for about 1 hour. Suddenly I open my inventory and i realise my tombifst gloves are gone. I start searching my stash..nothing.. been looking for them everywhere in my HO benches.. still nothing. I entered the map I was farming to see if there was a possibility to drop them by accident.. nothing aswell. I think I'm not blind drunk or mad to drop my items or sell them to vendors.. SO i report this as a game bug reason for the loss of my gloves. If there's any chance to get my item back I would be happy but I think I read somewhere that this is not possible due to the policy of the game. Ok! Lets all lose some items lol xD.

I'm not crazy guys neither scum.. The game might have some bugs though..Hope anyone faces the same issue as me. GL HF and enjoy the game. I think I'm done.
Last bumped on Oct 12, 2018, 2:31:10 PM
im missing a headhunter... just saying
GGG doesn't do any kind of restores so you will not get your item back.

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