[3.9] Bella's Dancing Duo Occultist | Delve 700 | Uber Elder | 2M++ DPS |

Bellabong wrote:
Thanks for not giving up on the build guys :) I haven't played much 3.7 in relation to a bit of a PoE burn-out so I can't provide up to date info but from what I've gathered the build is still playable but it begins to fall into a category of requiring too much investment to just get going.

If the power-creep in 3.8 isn't too bad I've decided that I'll continue updating the guide with a variant that reaches a good compromise because I've observed from Scion DD's that the benefit from Profane Bloom in clearspeed in incomparable. I initially felt that the slightly higher top end damage of an Aurabot DD would make up for the lack of Profane Bloom but GD I miss it.

I'll do some experimenting and see if I can take a life-based Occultist to similar heights since the mechaic we really want is Profane Bloom.

It'll be interesting to see how 3.8's minion improvements/new support gems impact DD builds, and a life-based Occultist sounds interesting. The upcoming divination card for an iL100 Elder Bone Helmet should make getting an endgame helmet a little easier.

I was idly mulling over how the upcoming Triad Grip gloves could allow interesting full chaos conversion for the Dancing Duo; thought I'd see if anyone else had written about the same thing, and found posts by ... Bella!
Occultist summoner - build ideas
Will anyone here play a dancing duo build this league? I really wanted to play a DD build this league but there isnt a single build guide updated for this league, and since i am kinda new to the game I suck at creating my own tree
3.8 build update???
Any 3.9 update maybe with the Triad Grip gloves and HoAg sounds pretty cool
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I actually posted an updated pob with a Triad Grip version of my Delve build :o
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Bro, I really love your build, he is my favorite after the baron. I would even put them together on top 1. Now I'm playing with your build, the survival problems were solved by a bunch of zombies + a live shield. I tried to fix partial problems with damage with the help of the stone "Serfdom" and one from the legion. It seems to be playable for now, though for now I can’t get the same damage and speed as 3 leagues ago ... But I think I can come up with something. and...do you play in the league?

Смех станет воплем, жизнь станет смертью... hh станет рарным, некромант будет вечным...

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