can't breathe ahahhahahaha

diablofdb wrote:
ghstbr wrote:
diablofdb wrote:
Earth is Flat, change my mind.

Take a plane, a plane or just go really high up ( Radio Tower ) and you can see the curvature of the planet. Jesus man, I mean every single planetary body in the known universe is globular, but Earth is the only one that isn't ? FFS, how would a flat planet even work. Take some time and study some Astronomy, it is really cool shit and will broaden your mind,trust me.

If the Earth is round then, why maps are flat???

Because globes are harder to fit in your pocket ?
Psalms of Moribund
Aim_Deep wrote:
Yeah like Kav raped me with no corroborative evidence. Sometimes conspiracy theories go to highest levels.

Anyway Russians tracked and documented all this shit. Would have loved for NASA to fake moon landings and ridicule USA. Didnt happen. In fact congratulated them in height of cold war.

My sister was raped. Not sure what hard evidence could be found. Doesn't change the suffering she went through though. Not exactly something she had reason to fake, no national interest or news coverage. Took her a long while to come to grips with it.

But maybe you too know what its like to be violated and would calmly and cooly notify the authorities.
I bless the rains down in Africa.
Actually, the Earth is a hollow globe, with a living biosphere inside. That's where the dinosaurs went, and where Elvis and Hitler are hiding. Soon a race of intelligent Nazi lizardmen will rise from the bowels of the planet to conquer all civilization.
3.5.0b Hotfix 2
Temporarily disabled the Blood Chieftan throw ape skill to prevent an instance crash that occurred when they tried to throw players.

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