[s]strikethrough[/s] BBCode no longer works here in the forums. Please fix.

Every time I try to strikethrough, it will not let me.

Strikethrough is very crucial because say someone corrects someone else on something, they can strikethrough what they said, followed by pasting what someone else corrected them on.

Please fix! Thank you.
When game developers ignore the criticism that would improve their game, the game fails.
Just because a game receives a great amount of praise vs. only a small amount of criticism
does not mean to call it a day and make a foolish misplaced assumption that it is perfect.
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+1. I like this feature too.
Question on global: "does golem help in boss fight?"
Answer: "No, golem makes popcorn and sits in a corner watching you fight."
Yup this isn't intended and will be fixed soon. You can use [​del​][/​del​] tags in the meantime if you really want to use the feature!

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