Just this..

Sorry to hear about your loss. Best wishes getting though what life throws at you in the wake of this.
Almost a bit odd too how fast it actually happened when it first happened. One stroke, in, hospitalized, get medicine, and he made it pretty good, he did his work, he went out and in and all, he took his medicine as he should, and then all of a sudden, just snap. Is this actually a normal thing that can happen, when you do pretty much take your meds, go to your local doctor as you should, taking regular tests and all? I know that quite a few people have had multiple attacks and such, but still they go, and do live pretty much a normal lives.

Wish you a happy Merry Christmas at least. make it as best you can. All my condolences. May the new year bring us more of what we so deserve. And don´t forget to appreciate and cherish all the good memories. Wish you all the best.
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