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  • Aul, the Crystal King


This is my take on Dancing Duo. This is a build that uses flasks to sustain the character as well as to keep up Rampage.

It is momentum based, getting faster and faster as you gain more Rampage stacks, so stay on your feet!

The official release of the first version was in 3.4 aka. Delve League. Back then, it was centered around Physical damage and a bunch of extra Chaos. In 3.8, I revive the build and take it back to its former glory and even beyond that.

It's now a pure Physical build using Impale to scale damage instead of Conversion, as this allows for much smoother gameplay and easier scaling.

Latest Videos (3.8):

Older Videos (3.4):

Path of Building code: https://pastebin.com/32GZxQix

  • 1M+ Shaper DPS
  • 6k+ Life
  • 400+ Life Regen
  • Perma-Phasing
  • High movement speed
  • 4 Spectres
  • 9 Zombies
  • 8 jewels

Sub-Ascendancies (in order):
  • Pathfinder
  • Juggernaut

Additional info

Pathfinder is a must-have and not up for discussion.

There are many ways to further boost the DPS of this build, for example with Champion. However, we do not want to taunt, we want to reduce aggro as much as possible.

I also picked Juggernaut to get rid of Stun and Chill. Necromancer would give more damage and speed, but I have enough of that already and thus opted for the safer option.

  • Kill all for +2 passives

Additional info

We need as many passives as we can get.

  • Solaris
  • Shakari
  • Lunaris
  • Ralakesh
  • Yugul

Additional info

When I talk about Pantheons, I am referring to fully upgraded ones.

The two main Pantheons are Solaris and Shakari. The former is better defensively than Lunaris in most scenarios and the latter makes you immune to Poison.

Use the Lunaris Pantheon for maps with "Monsters' skills Chain 2 additional times".

Ralakesh gives good mitigation vs Labyrinth traps, so use that if you want to farm some Uber Labs.

Yugul is a good choice for Uber Elder, Shaper and Aul (lots of Cold damage).

My current items in the league:

List of anointments you want:
  • Charisma

Generally speaking you want Minion Movement Speed, Minion Damage, Physical Damage added to Minions, Minion Attack Speed and maximum Life (player) wherever you can find it.

An Elder Bone Helmet makes a very good base for Fossil crafting. It's also super rare and thus very expensive.

Bloodgrip is a really solid amulet for both Life gain from flasks and it makes Bleeding a non-issue until you have access to a Craiceann's Carapace. It's also cheap to corrupt for additional resistances.

You can find the rest of what you are looking for in the Path of Building code. You can also check out my profile every now and then to see what I have.

6S Dancing Dervish/Duo:
  • Damage on Full Life
  • Minion Damage
  • Brutality
  • Impale
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Melee Physical Damage

Additional info

The weapon itself does not need to be linked, all you need is 6 sockets with the right colors.

4L +1-3 to Minion Gems (Minion Life is optional) Helmet:
  • Raise Spectre
  • Carrion Golem
  • Raise Zombie
  • Meat Shield

Additional info

Carnage Chieftain grants Frenzy charges.
Host Chieftain grants Power charges.

Carrion Golem buffs your other minions as long as it is alive.

Zombies make up the bulk of our backline, or protective flesh wall. Combined with Meat Shield, they become fairly tanky and good at soaking up projectiles.

6L Body Armour:
  • Vaal Summon Skeleton
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Fortify
  • Minion Damage
  • Impale
  • Brutality

Additional info

You can also just get a 3L or 4L and use Cast When Damage Taken with Immortal Call, if you feel like it. I only use the skellies for free damage and to direct my Dancing Duo. It also feels awkward to not have a skill on right mouse button :D

4L Gloves:
  • Pride
  • Flesh & Stone
  • Maim
  • Convocation

Additional info

Both of these auras will greatly increase the damage of the swords, as well as amplify the damage of Impale.

Convocation is used to pull all minions to you. Doesn't work on Skeletons.

1 Abyssal socket 3L Boots:
  • Flesh Offering
  • Dread Banner
  • Generosity

Additional info

Flesh Offering makes minions faster.

Generosity is used because Dread Banner doesn't need to affect us, since we aren't attacking ourselves, and thus greatly boosts the Aura Effect of it.

Unset rings:
  • Desecrate
  • Flame Dash

Additional info

Desecrate is needed to resummon Zombies, spam the Offering and to raise Spectres.

Flame Dash is not optional because you will be in situations where you have to use it to dodge (e.g. Shaper slam while slowed in Uber Elder fight).

  • Aspect of the Spider

Additional info

Aspect of the Spider is a Beast crafted suffix. It applies spider nets to enemies in an AoE around you, slowing their movement speed and increasing the damage they take. It's great for offense and defense.

The concept is very simple: The sword requires Rampage stacks to activate. Kill worms to start the chain and maintain said chain by killing enemies or more worms.

Easy way to start the chain:

Press worm flask 1 and 2 until they are empty.
Wait 2-3 seconds before you press flask 3 once.
Wait another 2-3 seconds and press again.
By now you should have charges back on your other two flasks.
A single press of either one should proc the DD.

Or you can just press the flask a couple times and use the Skeletons to kill a few mobs to start the chain. Either approach works, however, only the former works for setting up the build for boss fights.

This process is required to keep up Rampage while you transition from pack to pack or pick up loot.

The build is just run-and-press-a-flask-once-in-a-while kinda playstyle for the most part. It's quite a "lazy Summoner" build, yet not that easy to play. However, it gets a lot easier the more you play it.

The kind of maps I run.

Yes, this map was a bit extra juicy, and AoE on Phoenix is the scariest mod right after speed. You can view it at full resolution when you right-click the image and choose "open in new tab".

Why Perma-Phasing is so important.

Phasing only has full effect when you have it on you before you first engage monsters and only while you are moving through them. This is how you bypass them effortlessly.

How do you get Phasing? Multiple ways to achieve that. Phase Run gem, a Quartz flask or a Watcher's Eye with the appropriate Haste mod. A simple Quartz flask will do the trick.

The image above shows you Phasing in full effect. We are able to slip past enemies and walk straight through them. I'm unsure how exactly this works. Maybe it's because of turn rate (which I don't know if this game has), or maybe because I can walk straight through them so the hitboxes don't collide, allowing them to miss me. It's mostly speculation but it works, that's all I can say to that.

Note: They still draw aggro, so make sure you have other targets (allies aka. minions) around, otherwise you get attacked immediately.

The build is very momentum based.

Gaining and maintaining Rampage is your primary goal, aside from staying alive. Rampage stacks aid with clearing and grant you increased speed and damage (the former matters). Losing those stacks will cause you to lose momentum, and you can feel that when it happens.

Because of this, the build requires you to pay attention to what's happening on screen, so you don't die to a random slam or lose Rampage.

A lot of concentration required.

The build doesn't have any direct means to deal with damage taken. Yet, despite not being tanky at all, the build is very good at staying alive in somewhat skilled hands.

To at least deal with most of the detrimental effects, the build is immune to Bleeding, Poison, Freeze, Chill, Maim and Hinder (with appropriate investment). You can get these from the body armour, Pantheon, crafted boots and corrupted jewels.

Thanks to Phasing and a Quicksilver flask, we are always fast and able to just run through and past enemies without taking damage. This is precisely why I am able to run super nasty T15 and T16 maps without dying.

You need to keep up Rampage and dodge damage manually, while also keeping your other minions alive as best you can. This is why this build may not be for everyone. A decent skill cap is required to enjoy this build at higher tiers.

How to maintain consistent DPS.

It boils down to:

Your job is to stay alive and keep up all the buffs on your minions.
Your minions' job is to keep potential damage away from you and kill monsters for you.

Those are the 2 roles each of you have. In order for either one to function, both need to work together and maintain this bond.

You are to make sure you have 100% uptime on the Offering, stay out of trouble, spam the flask, use Convocation to get your minions out of Shaper beam and the like, and keep up Rampage. Do that, and everything else will sort itself out.

Using Impale to scale damage.

The build also uses Impale, which is a mechanic that stores 10% of the recorded Physical damage dealt by a hit, prior to mitigation, on the enemy. By default, Impale can stack up to 5 times.

Every time an impaled enemy is hit, 1 stack of Impale gets consumed. Doing this will deal reflected Physical damage to the enemy, which simply means it's a form of secondary Physical damage that can only be scaled by increasing the damage an enemy takes.

This makes it a great tool for pure Physical damage builds to dish out some extra damage.

Impale Effect increases the amount of damage that is stored and then reflected. E.g. 30% increased effect of Impale translates to 13% instead of 10% stored (10 * 1.3 = 13).

You can further scale Impale's damage with Pride and Flesh & Stone paired with Maim, as well as Aspect of the Spider, as they are all sources of increased damage taken.

With the Impale Support gem, Dread Banner, Aura Effect and Generosity, the minions can reach a chance to impale in the range of 80s-90s percent.

Scaling Dancing Duo's Cyclone damage.

The image above is supposed to show how Cyclone works mechanically. I am aware it's not the best demonstration, so let me put it into text.

Cyclone consists of multiple mechanical factors. There's the radius of the skill, the attack rate, distance and movement speed as well as time.

It attacks within said radius at a rate that depends on your attack speed. Radius is an important factor here, as it directly dictates how soon you can attack a target and for how long you can keep doing it.

Cyclone also travels what appears to be a fixed distance per spin, thus movement speed is also very important, as it dictates how many units you can travel per second. Investing into this stat appears to affect the animation speed, which is also my experience with Dancing Duo.

So, as you can see, precisely calculating something like this proves very difficult and honestly too much for me.

Just think of it as:

Big AoE = attack sooner, stay longer on target
High attack speed = how often you can attack within AoE/distance
Movement speed = how fast you can travel from A to B

All of which is very important in scaling the damage of the swords.

Basic and Advanced Combat Strategies.

Dancing Duo/Dervish seemingly have a mixed AI that acts similar to both Zombies and Raging Spirits. They will follow the direction of your cursor when you use skills similar to Zombies, yet still have a mind of their own similar to SRS. Use this to instruct them where to go.

In order to avoid taking damage, you have to keep moving. The moment you stand still, you are open to attacks and might die.

Drag your mouse in an arc as you travel through packs to allow your minions to dispatch enemies and to avoid taking damage. The image above showcases what I mean. You should do this in particular to avoid projectiles aimed in a line.

Use the method above to target rares or specific monsters you want to kill, then cast Convocation to teleport all your minions to you to take out that enemy. This can be referred to as "sniping method".

Use Convocation to get your Zombies and friends out of stuff like Shaper's beam or Bearer packs to avoid unnecessary casualties. This is also required to keep your minions alive when fighting Uber Elder.

You can target entire packs using the "sniping method" by just running up to them and and then just cast Convocation and watch your DD obliterate them. You should not forget to do this when they are trailing off again.

In a lot of ways, endgame bosses can be manipulated similar to the good ol' Dark Souls cheesing methods. For example, Elder Guardians can be completely avoided by running around them in a circle as their abilites will follow you, yet they are cast at a slight delay, allowing you to easily outrun them.

The same actually also applies to Shaper Guardians, yet their AI is different and in a specific case, namely Minotaur, he will constantly spam his burrow skill where he's invulnerable while underground. This is best avoided by staying as close to him as you can but out of range of slams and rocks. The image above captures it fairly well. The image below shows how you can skip Chimera's smoke phase when you deal enough damage fast enough. The other two Guardians have no special interactions aside from the same strat used for Minotaur.

In a last effort attempt to save you from stray projectiles, you can also use Convocation to summon a wall of flesh (Zombies and Co.) around you that will absorb those (don't do that in an extra Chain map, unless you are using the Lunaris Pantheon).

You can use Skeletons to scout the area ahead (required for Legion encounters after freeing them, as those can be super rippy) and to steer Dancing Duo directly towards packs or areas you want to target (useful for Blights). This is also a handy trick when encountering porcupines.

Do not hesitate to sacrifice your Zombies to save your own skin. They can always be resummoned. What is dead may never die. Unless you are a Zombie.

Why 3 worm flasks and why Scion over Necro.

This is something I expect to hear a lot more often, as it has already come up a few times. Yet my answer is simple: comfort.

Necromancer is obviously more aligned with minions, but she is also far less flexible.

Scion grants the most passives and has multiple options to define or augment a build.

The Pathfinder Sub-Ascendancy allows me to be in control in every single fight before, during and after. What I mean by that is that multi-phase bosses such as Shaper and Elder Guardians are easy because we are in control of our build and are not controlled by the fight. E.g. immunity phases or minions dying are not the end of our journey. Makes sense?

I can comfortably loot, chat, explore, swap gems, allocate passives, skip a song - whatever you decide to do, you can always bounce back. Which, in my experience and professional opinion, would be impossible to the same extent with a Necromancer.

Not to mention that this also allows me to have permanent uptime on all other flasks, namely my Anti-Curse and Movement Speed flasks, thus able to run any Curse maps comfortably.

The reason why I run three worm flasks is because you will need them to start the cycle and to maintain it without any kills (you can do it with two, but three just feel better). This is most noticeable when exploring Delves. They also play a part in keeping you alive.

This allows me to comfortably set up everything before a boss fight.

How to get the required Spectres.

It's actually really easy. You can find them in Act 7 Ashen Fields.

You want 3x Carnage Chieftain and 1x Host Chieftain. Frenzy charges are more important than Power charges for our minions. Frenzy charges give them bonus movement speed, more damage and increased attack and cast speed.

How to level this build.

Leveling this build requires a bit of foresight.

You will have to plan out when you will attempt Merciless lab to get the Ranger starting area nodes. Yes, you start with the Ranger Ascendancy first, not Juggernaut. Remember that we spam flasks and we need to get charges somehow.

Focus on a healthy mix of Life and Minion nodes. I recommend pathing to Spiritual Aid and Death Attunement first.

That said, for leveling I suggest you pick whatever you are comfortable with. There's a variety of skills to choose from. Maybe give Summon Raging Spirit or Dominating Blow a try.

Once you hit level 59 it's Dervish time! :D This is where the real fun starts.

From there it's just filling out Life nodes and grabbing jewel sockets. It's really no rocket science, but should you have trouble with this, don't hesitate to ask. I will gladly help out.

Required budget.

Speaking of Dervish, let's talk about budget. You get a Dancing Dervish, you buy the Dance of Steel prophecy, you kill the Arsenal map boss (while using Dervish or having it in your inventory) and... tada! You got two swords now.

From there it's just a matter of filling out resistances and whatnot. Budget grows as the build goes. Upgrades come over time. It's actually super simple to maintain.

How the build evolves over time.

I usually start out with a basic idea, then play a bunch and test as I go along until I have something usable, then make a guide and after that still further optimize as I go along.

While some may disagree with that method, I like to have something to present that also shows how I progressed. And I don't like to wait that long before showing off a build.

The feeling of progression was really there at all times from when I first started to when I got my first upgrades to now. At no point did it feel like I was gaining nothing.

The progressive curve of the build is pretty much always firm. As you invest bit by bit, the higher you can go tier by tier, keeping the same smooth experience at all times. It really does feel great.

From obliterating Act 8-10 bosses to shredding Uber Elder, you will feel when you need more damage before you can progress. It's one thing I really like about the build.

Thanks for checking out my guide!

I hope you enjoy the build as much as I do. If you got any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

And while you are here, don't forget to check out my YouTube channel where I upload other cool stuff!
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚
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leveling trees don't seem to be working.
queebl wrote:
leveling trees don't seem to be working.

You made me check again. They work. Copy the link and import into PoB as I've mentioned. Don't click them, the official tree planner isn't updated for 3.4 (lol).

Right-click the link -> copy link address -> Open Path of Building -> Import Tree -> paste -> Done.
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
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Derp, my bad.
All right. Shaper, Vaal Temple, Red Elder, all Guardians (Shaper and Elder) down.

Uber Elder is next on my list.

Check out my Red Elder kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AZsM5D6j90

Very, very easy :)
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚
You got the leveling trees but no full tree lol
lani wrote:
You got the leveling trees but no full tree lol

Full tree is in the final Path of Building code...
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚

i already did a juggernaut DD some league ago, gonna try your now.
Thanks for the build.
Have you tried corrupting Resolute Technique onto the sword so that you don't have to run the gloves? I've seen a few Youtube videos and Reddit posts confirming that it works.
i'm using your build now. Really strong, now i only need more Ex to get that watcher's eye :v.

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