[3.4][UPDATE] Dancing Mistress - Dancing Duo: Uber Elder/Atziri, Shaper, T16 ALL Map Mods, 300+

My Delve experience

Note: UPDATE COMPLETE! Read the update sticky below for details.


Latest update:

Edited some sections for clarity.

Conducted some tests, the results can be found below (Conc Effect etc.) - was quite informative and is definitely worth a read.

Rearranged the passive tree a bit. Now uses Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics.

Here's the PoB for it: https://pastebin.com/tECCcPk9

Pros & Cons:

  • +1 max Fire resistance
  • +40% Dodge and 30% Spell Dodge
  • Much better for Delves.
  • Less flask spamming; better to avoid reduced flask charges map mod.
  • Less overall Mana.

Reasoning behind the change:

As I go deeper into the Delve, I noticed that I sometimes take some pretty heavy hits and it becomes more risky to stand still for a moment as monster damage goes up. To help mitigate unnecessary damage taken, I decided to respec some points into Acro and Phase Acro and it immediately felt waaaay "tankier". Chimera's smoke phase is even easier that way (which is great for rippy mods).

The Dodge is really nice against all the Physical damage I cannot mitigate (and Delve has lots of it), and also helps immensely against all the extra damage Delves. The Spell Dodge should provide a lucky cushion for Uber Elder's skill spam and other dangerous spells. And since I don't make use of Armour or Energy Shield anyway, I can only gain something here.

On the contrary, because I have now fewer flask charges available overall, I have to pay even closer attention and not spam flasks too much, and the reduced flask charges map mod becomes a pain and is probably best avoided. Since I also have less Mana now, resummoning Zombies is a bit of a pain in the ass, but that's barely worth noting.

Recent Updates
  • Added a boss tally.
  • Updated the PoB link.
  • Added a new section: "Basic and Advanced Combat Strategies." - Useful tips that help you play this build.
  • Updated gems.
  • Updated gear.
  • Added a new section: "Even more testing." - Concludes my testing with Summon Skeleton.
  • Added a new section: "How the build has evolved." - Concludes the build's progression.
  • Added a new section: "Any tips for Shaper/Uber Elder?" - Useful tips for both encounters.



This is my take on Dancing Duo. This is a build I have theory-crafted over a year ago, but never actually bothered to make until last league. However, Incursion didn't prove very kind on my RNG and so my idea didn't bear fruit.

But Delve brought us a new pair of gloves which made this build become a reality once again. So, this is my guide after playing with it for a little while now.

Other builds you might like:

Video list:

Path of Building code

For the impatient among you, here's the Path of Building code for the more flask heavy version of the build. Here's the code for the more defensive version with Acro and Phase Acro.

This is the setup I use to farm Uber Elder and all other content.

What's your total boss tally so far?

  • Uber Elder: 8
  • Uber Atziri: 1
  • Shaper: 18
  • Red Elder: 4
  • Vaal Temple: 2
  • Elder's Guardians: 44
  • Shaper's Guardians: 68

Uber Elder is always costly to run because it requires 8 Guardian maps (2 of each) to even access the fight.

2 out of the 8 Uber Elder and 3 Red Elder kills earned me a Watcher's Eye. Uber Elder #8 finally dropped a good jewel. 1 Indigon, rest was rings.

2 out of the 18 Shaper kills earned me a Dying Sun. Shaper #18 dropped a Starforge. Rest was gloves and boots.

What map mods can you run?

I run every single map mod.

Curses are a non-issue because I run an Anti-Curse Sulphite flask which basically has 100% uptime.

No-Regen maps are annoying but doable. The flasks are instant hybrid flasks, so that helps a lot.

Visual representation of the kind of maps I run:

Deathless too, by the way. Rampage counter at max stacks serves as proof. (right-click -> open in new tab = original size)

How would you rank endgame bosses with this build?

I can only speak from my experience for the bosses I ran, but here's a list (in order; also please take note that they become easier with practice and more DPS):

  • Medium-Hard: Uber Elder - Lots and lots of skill spam. Tough fight that requires a lot of practice. Becomes a lot easier if you are good at reading mechanics.
  • Medium-Hard: Uber Atziri - Main problem I had was my own reaction time when it came to Flameblasts. Only Atziri herself is the dangerous one of the bunch. If you don't get clipped by Flameblasts/Storm Calls, the fight is comparably easy.
  • Medium: Vaal Temple - Hard to control, very rippy bosses. Kill the "titty bitch" first. Always. The main problem here is the massive damage they can deal, that's all.
  • Easy-Medium: Hydra - So. Many. Projectiles. They also hurt. Equipping a Sapphire flask instead of the Sulphur might not be a bad idea. She becomes annoying when paired with added damage AND attack speed mods. Still easy if you know your stuff.
  • Easy-Medium: Minotaur - Stupid rocks, man. Also "invisible" burrow attacks from off-screen make this boss fairly rippy, especially with additional AoE. Same story as Hydra, meaning high attack speed on this boss is quite dangerous [for you]. Here's what 170% AoE Minotaur looks like.
  • Easy-Medium: Shaper - Easy to learn, but it's equally easy to pay for mistakes. Beware of the bullet hell phase and bait his beam by walking into melee range (beware of balls). Becomes trivial with higher DPS, but the main danger comes from stray bullet hell projectiles that linger afterwards.
  • Easy: Red Elder - This one was surprisingly easier than I expected. Elder always follows up his "spinning dance move" with a slam at your location. Be ready for that.
  • Easy: Chimera/Phoenix - Fairly easy with this build. Just stay out of harm's way and let the minions do the work. Smoke phase can be risky depending on mods, but I have done pretty rippy maps and it was fine.

So, how does this build work?

The concept is very simple: The sword requires Rampage stacks to activate. Kill worms to start the chain and maintain said chain by killing enemies or more worms.

Easy way to start the chain:

Press worm flask 1 and 2 until they are empty.
Wait 2-3 seconds before you press flask 3 once.
Wait another 2-3 seconds and press again.
By now you should have charges back on your other two flasks.
A single press of either one should proc the DD.

Note: This is only true for the flask heavy version. For the tankier version you need to be more moderate with your flasks in general and stretch out the time when starting the chain (because you get fewer charges).

This process is required to keep up Rampage while you transition from pack to pack or pick up loot.

The build is just run-and-press-a-flask-once-in-a-while kinda playstyle for the most part. It's quite a "lazy Summoner" build, yet not that easy to play. However, it gets a lot easier the more you play it.

Why Perma-Phasing is so important.

Phasing only has full effect when you have it on you BEFORE you first engage monsters. This is how you bypass them effortlessly.

How do you get Phasing?

Multiple ways to achieve that. Phase Run gem, a Quartz flask or a Watcher's Eye with the appropriate Haste mod are the easiest. I personally recommend the Watcher's Eye because I've played with just a Quartz flask before and it felt far worse. I can't speak for Phase Run, but from a user-level experience it adds the same clunkiness as the flask.

It seemingly significantly reduces enemy response time. By response time I am referring to the time it takes for them to hit you. I'm not sure how this works correctly (as in how attack speed plays a role or how hitboxes have anything to do with it), but I did notice far less damage taken while being phased.

The image above shows you Phasing in full effect. We are able to slip past enemies and walk straight through them. Again, I'm unsure how exactly this works. Maybe it's because of turn rate (which I don't know if this game has), or maybe because I can walk straight through them so the hitboxes don't collide, allowing them to miss me. It's mostly speculation but it works, that's all I can say to that.

The build is very momentum based.

Gaining and maintaining Rampage is your primary goal, aside from staying alive. Rampage stacks aid with clearing and grant you increased speed and damage (the former matters). Losing those stacks will cause you to lose momentum, and you can feel that when it happens.

Because of this the build requires you to pay close attention to what's happening on screen so you don't die to a random slam or lose Rampage.

A lot of concentration required.

The build doesn't have any direct means to deal with Physical damage aside from Immortal Call. Yet, despite not being tanky at all, the build is very good at staying alive in somewhat skilled hands.

Thanks to Phasing and a Quicksilver flask we are always fast and we are able to just run through and past enemies without taking damage. This is precisely why I was able to run super nasty T15 and T16 maps without dying.

You need to keep up Rampage and dodge damage manually, while also keeping your other minions alive as best you can. This is why this build may not be for "slow" people or players who get easily overloaded with information.

A decent skill-cap is required to enjoy this build at higher tiers.

But don't let that stop you from giving it a shot! I'm just trying to avoid [possible] complaints ;)

How to maintain consistent DPS.

It boils down to:

Your job is to stay alive and keep up all the buffs on your minions.
Your minions' job is to keep potential damage away from you and kill monsters for you.

Those are the 2 roles each of you have. In order for either one to function, both need to work together and maintain this bond.

You are to make sure you have 100% uptime on the Offering, stay out of trouble, spam the flask, trigger EE on the boss and keep up Rampage. Do that, and everything else will sort itself out.

Basic and Advanced Combat Strategies.

Dancing Duo/Dervish seemingly have a mixed AI that acts similar to both Zombies and Raging Spirits. They will follow the direction of your cursor when you use skills similar to Zombies, yet still have a mind of their own similar to SRS. Use this to instruct them where to go.

In order to avoid taking damage you have to keep moving. The moment you stand still you are open to attacks and you will be attacked even when phased. Phasing only offsets monster reaction time and allows you free movement.

Drag your mouse in a slightly circular motion as you travel through packs to allow your minions to dispatch them and to avoid taking damage.

Use the method above to target rares or specific monsters you want to kill, then cast Convocation to teleport all your minions to you to take out that enemy. This can be referred to as "sniping method".

Use Convocation to get your Zombies and friends out of stuff like Shaper's beam or Bearer packs to avoid unnecessary casualties. This is also required to keep your Animate Guardian and Spectres alive during Uber Elder.

You can target entire packs using the "sniping method" by just running up to them and casting Convocation and watch your DD obliterate them. You should not forget to do this when they are trailing off again.

In a lot of ways endgame bosses can be manipulated similar to the good ol' Dark Souls cheesing methods. For example, Elder Guardians can be completely avoided by running around them in a circle as their abilites will follow you, yet they are cast at a slight delay, allowing you to easily outrun them.

The same actually also applies to Shaper Guardians, yet their AI is different and in a specific case, namely Minotaur, he will constantly spam his burrow skill where he's invulnerable while underground. This is best avoided by staying as close to him as you can but out of range of slams and rocks.

In a last effort attempt to save you from stray projectiles, you can also use Convocation to summon a wall of flesh (Zombies and Co.) around you that will absorb those (don't do that in an extra Chain map, lol). You can also steer them directly towards packs by using Desecrate. This is a handy trick when encountering porcupines. Do not hesitate to sacrifice your Zombies to save your own skin. They can be resummoned and their main purpose, I guess, is to die for you. What is dead may never die. Unless you are a Zombie.

Another simple trick is to use Convocation + Sulphur flask to quickly regenerate your minions' HP.

Some more testing.

The images above show the recent tests I conducted to understand which gems are best for my build. Here's a reddit thread that covers it.

Multistrike proved to be very mandatory to keep the swords on the target, thus increasing their consistent DPS.

The strongest combination was Conc Effect + Multistrike, followed by Ruthless + Multistrike. The overall kill time was consistent in all runs and is also represented by the second image above.

I hate it to feel misinformed, it keeps nagging me until I test it myself. So, this was not only a relief for myself, but also quite informative.

According to the opinions of other players that constantly play Cyclone, it's common belief that Faster Attacks is better than Conc Effect. I haven't touched actual Cyclone since 2.4 or so and thus can't speak on the matter.

However, my tests proved that it's far better for the Cyclone used by these swords. Which is all that matters.

Even more testing.

I've constantly been reminded by people that I could just use Skeletons or other Spectres and maybe even play Necro instead "for more damage".

Yes, there is some light sarcasm in there. That's because it gets tiring very quickly when you have to explain... and explain... and explain.

So, let me take this opportunity to shut down the skeptics once and for all.

I've conducted some extensive testing with a 6L level 21 Vaal Summon Skeleton gem (includes normal skellies).

By extensive testing I am referring to: a couple Delves, some random red maps, Shaper Guardians, Shaper, Elder Guardians and Uber Elder.

This was enough to paint a perfectly clear picture: This build works best on its own, with nothing that adds anything clunky.

To conclude my tests:

  • Using skeletons only net me around 4-5 seconds faster boss kills on Guardians. This is trivial since they were easy to begin with.
  • I had to compromise my survivability to fit in the 6L setup. This made it somewhat uncomfortable to play. I felt squishier than normal.
  • The constant stops to recast the skeletons felt aweful and left me open to attacks. This was especially problematic during Uber Elder and almost caused me to rip my set.
  • Skeleton AI is comparably slow, meaning they appear to be sluggish, taking longer to attack. On paper they add significant DPS, in reality my DD kill everything before all of the skeletons even attack.
  • Setting everything up before bosses takes longer. Not to mention that most bosses will trigger as soon as I cast them.
  • However, there's one advantage they gave me: I could cast them ahead to stop monsters advancing. But that's about it.

Point is, I had to sacrifice quite a lot and for what? For minus 5 seconds on easy bosses? Not to mention it felt clunky as hell to play. More DPS does not equal a better build. This is why you don't tinker too much with stuff that works.

Why 3 worm flasks and why Scion over Necro?

This is something I expect to hear a lot more often, as it has already come up a few times. Yet my answer is simple: comfort.

Necromancer is obviously more aligned with minions, but she is also far less flexible.

Scion grants the most passives (+5) and has multiple options to define or augment a build.

Using the Pathfinder Sub-Ascendancy allows me to be in control in every single fight before, during and after. What I mean by that is that multiple-phases bosses such as Shaper and Elder Guardians are easy because we are in control of our build and are not controlled by the fight. E.g. immunity phases, minions dying are not the end of our journey. Makes sense?

I can comfortably loot, chat, explore, swap gems, allocate passives, skip a song - whatever you decide to do, you can always bounce back. Which, in my experience and professional opinion, would be impossible to the same extent with a Necromancer.

Not to mention that this also allows me to have permanent uptime on all other flasks, namely my Anti-Curse and Movement Speed flasks, thus able to run any Curse maps comfortably.

The reason why I run 3 worm flasks is because you will need them to start the cycle and to maintain it without any kills. This is most noticeable when exploring Delves. They also play a part in keeping you alive.

This allows me to comfortably set up everything before a boss fight.

How to solve the low-level Spectre problem.

It's actually fairly easy, granted you have the materials.

You can find Host Chieftain in Act 7 Riverways, Ashen Fields and Southern Forest.

Carnage Chieftain can be found in Act 2 Old Fields, Broken Bridge and Act 7 Ashen Fields.

Note: There's currently a bug with Armour Cruncher. It's not only incredibly hard to find by default, on top of that it can also NOT be desecrated due to a current bug. Use Whipping Miscreation or any other monster that applies Vulnerability on hit. It's a shame because Armour Cruncher has massive amounts of HP.

The easiest strategy is to travel to Act 7 Ashen Fields and spam Desecrate for both Chieftains.

Once you have done that, open a T15/T16 map (best is Shaper's Realm because it's T17) and spam Desecrate in it. This will add your Spectres to the pool.

I did this in Shaper's Realm, but it must be noted that it can take a few times up to several minutes until they finally appear. It's a tedious process, but those are the highest level Spectres you can get, to my knowledge.

Note: You can also run the unique map "Oba's Cursed Trove" and then use Desecrate in the last room to get level 84 Spectres. Yes, you read that right. Came as a surprise to me as well. The last room is actually level 84 and has a limited spawn pool, making it easier (and more affordable) to spawn and raise Spectres than doing it in Shaper's Realm.

This build has no defense, how do you survive?

Heh, in anticipation that such questions would come, I will take the freedom of answering this up-front.

Simply put: Don't get hit. Yes, yes, I know. This is more of a meme you hear all the time, but it's actually true. And I can say this with 100% seriousness for the first time. Stand still and you die. Well, not 100% exactly like that, but: Never. Stop. Moving.

We use Perma-Phasing and constant movement to manually avoid damage as I previously mentioned. This is how the build is played; and I have done far nastier maps with this character than on any other so far.

If you don't like it, that's fine. But that's just how it is.

How do you level this build?

Leveling this build requires a bit of foresight.

You will have to plan out when you will attempt Merciless lab to get the Ranger starting area nodes. Yes, you start with the Ranger Ascendancy first, not Necromancer. Remember that we spam flasks and we need to get charges somehow.

Here are a few leveling trees to help you get started (open them in Path of Building, the official planner is garbage and always broken):

That said, for leveling I suggest whatever you are comfortable with, however, I've found Dominating Blow to be really decent for this. I started with Summon Raging Spirit and it felt infuriatingly aweful. Don't do this unless you got a Tabula Rasa at hand.

Your early focus should be Minion damage and extra Zombies and also maximum Life for yourself. The trees I provided should help you figure things out.

Once you hit level 59 it's Dervish time! :D This is where the real fun starts.

From there it's just filling out Life nodes and grabbing jewel sockets. It's really no rocket-science, but should you have trouble with this, don't hesitate to ask. I will gladly help out.

Any tips for Shaper/Uber Elder?

Yes, actually, I do.

Let's start with the easy one: Shaper.

Shaper is all about being in control and staying cool. You can easily bait his beam by circling and then walking into melee range as he's casting the balls. Be careful not to walk into them by mistake. Sometimes he will use his slam attack instead. This one really only requires timing and it's hard to explain, you need to experience it to understand how to time it. It gets easier, no worries.

Pop the Vortexes (the homing balls) as far away from the middle as you can to avoid dying to them during the bullet hell phase.

Don't freak out after the bullet hell phase. This has gotten me killed in the past, because I always got stressed out by his beam or slam and walked into a projectile that then killed me. Just stay calm, listen for his slam, and if he casts the beam, don't freak out. It won't instantly kill you and you can tank some of it with flasks. Just watch out for some stray projectiles from the bullet hell phase and you are good.

The Unshaped will cast a Frostbolt barrage when you meet him a second time. Try not to walk into that as it deals quite some damage and can kill you.

Aaaaaand that about concludes the Shaper fight.

Now for the harder one: Uber Elder.

Focus on Shaper during the fight, not Elder. Watch out for Shaper slams, balls and beams and pop the Vortexes on the sides as far back from the middle as you can. Swap in upgraded Yugul Pantheon for 5% reduced Cold damage taken if you have been hit recently. It's minor but helpful. And now the obvious one: a Sapphire flask.

Also, crank up the sound effects volume. You may not always be able to see Shaper's slam animation, but you can hear it. Elder always does his slam at your location like Shaper after he finishes what I call "his spinning dance move" where he shoots out those tentacle projectiles in a nova. Elder tentacle slam can be easily avoided if you keep moving. Shaper is easy to manipulate just like the real fight.

Get rid of Null Portals ASAP, and immediately kill Madness Propagators (the tentacle eyeball thingies) because they spawn permanent degen on the ground if not dispatched immediately.

And... that about covers it.

How the build has evolved over time.

I usually start out with a basic idea, then play a bunch and test as I go along until I have something useable, then make a guide and after that still further optimize as I go along.

While some may disagree with that method, I like to have something to present that also shows how I progressed. And I don't like to wait that long before showing off a build.

I crafted all the jewels, the helmet and boots myself, the rest I purchased from other players.

The feeling of progression was really there at all times from when I first started to when I got my first upgrades to now. At no point did it feel like I was gaining nothing.

I started out with about 150k combined DPS when I was doing T15 maps.

Then I started doing T16 maps after crafting some jewels and gaining more levels for more jewels. Oh, wow. Suddenly I'm at 350k DPS. This was also the time I first killed Shaper. So, yeah...

Then I started upgrading even more, adding the right Spectres and whatnot and- oh, wow. Suddenly I have 750k DPS.

Now I'm at a point where upgrades only mean a lower damage gain than before, but still mean something. I'm currently at around 1M combined Shaper DPS, which is plenty to do all the content I want to.

Core items:

  • 3x Writhing Jar
  • 1x Dancing Dervish/Duo
  • 1x Vis Mortis
  • 1x Command of the Pit

Generally speaking you want % Minion damage, flat Physical damage added to Minions, Minion Attack Speed and maximum Life (player) wherever you can find it.

An Elder Bone Helmet makes a very good base for fossil crafting. Same goes for Elder boots, I prefer Two-Toned boots.

Other good crafting bases are Prismatic rings. You can get those by vendoring 3 different Two-Stone rings (different colors/resistances on each). Use fossils or Essence of Fear to craft minion movement speed on them. This will help your Dervishes with clearing and also prevent them from running off for too long. BiS base would probably be Unset rings, because they open up gem slots and thus allow better optimization.

Bloodgrip is a really solid amulet for both Life gain from flasks and it makes Bleeding a non-issue. I've since replaced mine with a rare Shaped amulet that grants me level 22 Haste, which again opened up a gem slot. However, by doing this you do lose Vaal Haste, but I never felt like I needed it anyway (you don't).

The 2 basic fossils you want for crafting are Bound Fossil and Pristine Fossil (for jewels use ONLY those two).


  • 1M+ Shaper DPS
  • 6k+ Life
  • 400+ Life Regen
  • Perma-Phasing
  • High movement speed
  • 3 Spectres
  • 5 Zombies
  • 10 jewels

Sub-Ascendancies (in order):

  • Pathfinder
  • Necromancer

Additional info

Pathfinder is a must-have and not up for discussion.

There are many ways to further boost the DPS of this build, for example with Champion. However, we do not want to taunt, we want to reduce aggro as much as possible. Attacking in any way will cause monsters to retaliate towards you.

I've considered other Sub-Ascendancies, for example Juggernaut or Guardian, but ultimately settled with Necromancer for several reasons.

Spirit Offering actually gives me a huge buffer of EHP when I spam the skill, allowing me to get out of tough situations (and also keeps my minions alive). The minion damage speaks for itself, and the extra Skill Effect Duration prolongs stuff like Immortal Call, Orb of Storms and Offerings, as well as temporary auras such as Vaal Haste.


  • Kill all for +2 passives

Additional info

We need as many passives as we can get.


  • Brine King (fully upgraded)
  • Ralakesh (fully upgraded)
  • Yugul (fully upgraded)

Additional info

I really don't understand why these 2 are so underused from what I hear.

Brine King prevents stun-locks and chain-freezes, Ralakesh is godlike for Lab and allows you to get rid of annoying slows and overall provides so much damage avoidance by making it hard to apply Bleed on you.

So, so underrated. I really don't get it.

Arakaali is pretty useless on this build, the Chain avoidance doesn't matter because we don't engage in danger in the first place, Ryslatha doesn't work with our flasks and would be useless anyway, etc. etc.

Upgraded Yugul is a good choice for Uber Elder and highly recommended.

Passive Tree @lvl 94 (final):

Visual representation:

More defensive version:
Link: poeurl.com/b7rC

Flask heavy version:
Link: poeurl.com/b7rD

6S Dancing Dervish/Duo:

  • Minion Damage
  • Damage on Full Life
  • Melee Physical
  • Multistrike
  • Maim
  • Minion Speed/Concentrated Effect

Additional info

DD's Cyclone works differently, thus able to be linked with Multistrike. It's the best Support gem for consistent DPS.

The weapon itself does not need to be linked, all you need is the sockets with the right colors. This process might cost you a few hundred Chromatics.

Use Minion Speed for clearing, then simply swap in Concentrated Effect for bosses.

4L +1-3 to Minion Gems (optional) Helmet:

  • Raise Spectre
  • Blood Magic
  • Animate Guardian
  • Minion Life

Additional info

Carnage Chieftain grants Frenzy charges.
Host Chieftain grants Power charges.

The reason why we link Blood Magic to them is because they need Mana to cast Warcries. This allows them to spam the skill constantly.

Make sure that you raise these apes in the highest tier of map possible, because they scale with monster level and a low level Spectre will die pretty easily.

You can add them to the Desecrate pool when you use Desecrate in a map. Use this to add them to the map before you activate fights like Shaper, so you can resummon them in case they die.

There's also a monster that curses enemies with Vulnerability on hit. In fact, there are several. Armour Cruncher and Whipping Miscreation are two of them. The former is pretty tanky and hard to find.

Equip the following on Animate Guardian:

  • Bloodbond
  • Leer Cast
  • Dying Breath
  • Southbound
  • The Blood Dance

Bloodbond is actually a solid choice because it gives % Regen and % Life.

Blood Dance are BiS boots because they give the AG extra Life regen that helps keeping him alive.

6L Vis Mortis:

  • Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1
  • Immortal Call lvl 3
  • Increased Duration
  • Orb of Storms
  • Spirit Offering
  • Convocation

Additional info

Vis Mortis is absolutely necessary for the massive damage boost it gives.

It basically adds 30% of base Physical damage (of our minions) as extra Chaos damage (to our minions) when they kill. Since we spam the worm flask every few seconds, this has an easy 100% uptime even during boss fights.

This effect, when paired with Spirit Offering, gives our minions a massive boost to base damage.

CWDT is supposed to be this low level. Yes, some streamer snowflakes tell you to use higher level ones. This is incorrect in practicality and also backed up by experience.

The reason why it's this low is to avoid deaths from a lot of small bursts.

For example, a pack of Rhoas charges at you. Because the gem level is low, it will go off when the first one hits you, thus blocking all the damage from all the others that follow. If it were higher, it's possible that the second or third hit kills you, and it's even more likely when it's a crit.

An even simpler example would be a pack of porcupines. When the first one goes off and procs Immortal Call, the rest of them won't do anything (they are still dangerous, though).

Orb of Storms is used to proc Elemental Equilibrium on bosses (in short: EE). It's a great damage boost, so a must-have. You have to cast it near them though, so be careful to not do it when they charge up a slam or similar.

I recently learned that Convocation works on the swords, so I changed that to make our life easier. The skill allows you to summon every minion that is used in this build directly to your location. This is great for when the swords start trailing off again.

2 Abyssal socket Command of the Pit:

  • Generosity
  • Hatred

Additional info

We don't need Hatred to affect us, thus Generosity is amazing as it greatly boosts the added damage the aura gives. Quality on the gem gives it a bigger AoE.

Unset rings:

  • Desecrate
  • Flame Dash

Additional info

Desecrate is needed to resummon Zombies, spam the Offering and to raise Spectres.

Flame Dash is not optional because you will be in situations where you have to use it to dodge (e.g. Shaper slam while slowed in Uber Elder fight).

4L Boots:

  • Summon Stone Golem
  • Raise Zombie
  • Minion Life
  • Fortify

Additional info

Zombies are used as "meat shields" to absorb potential damage and to draw aggro. Fortify and Minion Life both help keeping them and the Stone Golem alive.

Thanks for checking out my guide! I hope you enjoy the build as much as I do.

If you got any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

And while you are here, don't forget to check out my YouTube channel where I upload other cool stuff!
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queebl wrote:
leveling trees don't seem to be working.

You made me check again. They work. Copy the link and import into PoB as I've mentioned. Don't click them, the official tree planner isn't updated for 3.4 (lol).

Right-click the link -> copy link address -> Open Path of Building -> Import Tree -> paste -> Done.
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Forum guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2087746
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Derp, my bad.
All right. Shaper, Vaal Temple, Red Elder, all Guardians (Shaper and Elder) down.

Uber Elder is next on my list.

Check out my Red Elder kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AZsM5D6j90

Very, very easy :)
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™
Forum guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2087746
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
You got the leveling trees but no full tree lol
lani wrote:
You got the leveling trees but no full tree lol

Full tree is in the final Path of Building code...
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™
Forum guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2087746
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

i already did a juggernaut DD some league ago, gonna try your now.
Thanks for the build.
Have you tried corrupting Resolute Technique onto the sword so that you don't have to run the gloves? I've seen a few Youtube videos and Reddit posts confirming that it works.
i'm using your build now. Really strong, now i only need more Ex to get that watcher's eye :v.

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