Another latency issues thread


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same france...

Yeah, it's happening at the same time for NA too 10am-3pm+ CST. During the night or early morning, these kind of spikes never happen.
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Hi panicbuttons,

I've confirmed that there is a network issue between you and the servers. I've opened an issue with our host to look into this.
Thanks. Let me know what you find out.
I hope this gets fixed if not im about to pack up and move to another game. I was loving delve so much then bam no stop lag spikes i cant even delve due to the lag spikes one minute im doing great next minute im for feet away from were i was and dead. I have checked all on my end and my net is running good no other game lags my speed tests run great. And looking at the issues on the forums im not the only one having these issues so going to spend a few days off and hope it all gets fixed.
I'm have this same issue. And it makes the game pretty much unplayable which is a big bummer considering I really like Delve. This has only happened with me since Delve was released and it happens regularly but not all of the time. I've tested my internet connection and it is fine. Please sort this out. I was hoping this would be addressed in today's patch, but alas...
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Looks like I have the same problem. Started yesterday.

DC or Texas same thing.
Also getting spikes, but no packet loss

Edit: Also having to play on DC because it has less latency than Texas for me atm (dallas is a four hour drive from me, DC being a 19, seems kinda counter intuitive that texas would provide a 68 ms ping and DC 45ms unless there was some form of routing issue?)
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