Really starting to get upset here GGG.

SSF/ Delve league ,

First thing, mapping in Delve mines causes the game to crash on the loading screen.usually when picking a new node to load on. But this isn't my main gripe.

The meat of this thread is to bring attention to the Kitava fight. Look this fight is stupid but I am not going to get into that right now with you guys, the problem is I have had this fight crash every single time I fight this wretched boss. Twice I got Kitava to 1/4 health and CRASH to dashboad. I log back in and try three more times, every time I kill Kitava and during his death animation the game locks up and sends me back to the login screen.

This is total BS! The fact that I have to endure this horribly designed boss is one thing but now I cant even get to my maps because every single time I do this fight it pushes me back to the login screen and usually always when I finally kill this POS. I dont get it, whats going on ? I see many others are having the same problem as me so its not isolated. Do you know how it feels to bust your ass killing this boss only to have it wipe your progress away and make you start over ? Do ou have any idea ? Is there a way I can fix this or should I just uninstall ? Please save me the time and horrid aggravation and let me know what to do. Thank you for your time.
Psalms of Moribund
Last bumped on Sep 13, 2018, 3:19:01 PM
Good morning,

There is a fix included in the patch which deploys in 35 minutes, this addresses crashes related to the Kitava fight.
WOW .. that was fast Jeff, I am grateful for the alacrity your team has shown. Thank you for responding :)
Psalms of Moribund
After the patch, the fight went fine, beat him down ( after dying like 17 times ) but it didnt crash and thats a good thing. Thank you GGG team.
Psalms of Moribund

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